Baja’s Puerto Nuevo and Lobster Dining and Mexico Car Insurance

Looking for a nice dinner spot across the border? Just a short drive south is the lobster capital of Baja Norte, Puerto Nuevo. The initial residents established the area as they enjoyed lobster fishing off the coast. A lack of refrigeration in the mid-1950s led to langosta, lobster, served in the Puerto Nuevo style, estilo Puerto Nuevo. The best thing is that you can select a one-day Mexico car insurance to head south and try it out. In addition, you can buy your Mexican insurance online, saving the stop at the border as you make a beeline for the culinary hot spot.

Mexican auto insurance
Puerto Nuevo lobster fest

What Is Estilo Puerto Nuevo?

Essentially, lobster in Puerto Nuevo is sliced in half and fried in lard. Quick preparation was essential in the early days. The seafood is served with sides of Mexican rice, refried beans, and fresh flour tortillas. These staples are common throughout the region, but it’s the lobster that draws thousands of visitors each week. While much of this traffic comes from the north of the border, the community has also hosted officials from Mexico City. The community currently has less than 200 residents and approximately 34 restaurants just off the toll road between Rosarito and Ensenada. A large number of the patrons head south from San Diego. If you decide that you love the food, you may want to invest in a longer policy of Mexico car insurance for Inland Empire travelers so that you can head south whenever the mood for langosta strikes.

Vacationing in the Area

Today, you can also find some upscale hotels near Puerto Nuevo. You may also want to consider renting a home for a longer stay. You may be able to work with a realtor who is familiar with the area. There are also online services that can help you access home options used specifically for catering to tourists. Finally, be sure that the vehicle you drive into the area is covered with Mexico car insurance. One of the easiest but most serious errors to make is assuming that your policy covers all vehicles. Your Mexican insurance online is vehicle-specific, making it necessary to purchase separate policies for vehicles you might want to drive into Mexico.

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