Baja Travel in January 2022 – Mexican Car Insurance For Federal Highways

Busy with seasonal work the last several months? You may be looking forward to a break come January. With holiday sales out of the way, why not treat yourself to a getaway in Baja? January is a great time to visit, as tourism usually slows down and everything isn’t super crowded. First, make sure your Mexican car insurance for federal highways is updated. Next, verify that your Mexico insurance liability limits are appropriate whether you’re heading to Baja Norte or Baja del Sur. Mexican car insurance for federal highways is now required.

The San Jose to La Paz highway (Carretera Federal 1) in Baja California Sur.

Things to Do in January

January is part of the early whale-watching season which begins in mid-December. Luckily, you can find charters in Ensenada without much difficulty. Take a few hours to circle Isla de Los Santos in hopes of sighting gray whales. Or head to southern Baja, enjoying numerous opportunities for watching from shore. You can even catch a charter expedition to see the whales up close! Mexican Highway 1 covers most of your driving, so don’t forget Mexico insurance! I, for one, use it for emergency assistance! Flat tires, transmission issues, running out of gas, you name it.

Fishing charters are also available throughout Baja; however, it’s wise to do research ahead of time. Afterward, you can enjoy the beach scenery, but bring your camera if you like posting on Instagram. The sunsets are always photo-worthy and don’t be shy taking plenty of shots. Just don’t take photos while driving; for example, you might get in an accidental wreck!

Resort Rest

Baja is also a fun place for taking a break at a luxury resort. Rosarito is only 20 minutes from the border, offering an affordable alternative to a ritzy U.S. resort. Another great destination is Ensenada, just an hour south of the border. As always, don’t forget the Mexican auto insurance. For example, though many luxury resorts offer secure parking garages, theft can still occur quite easily. Therefore, it is best to stay covered so you can enjoy peace of mind during your vacation.

Baja Travel in January 2022 – Mexican Car Insurance For Federal Highways

January Travel Activities in Mexico – Mexico Insurance Online

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  • Genoveva Parmentier
    March 22, 2015 5:55 pm

    I have already booked my Mexican auto insurance for Canadians online. I am just waiting for my holiday break beginning 5th May to have a great rest in Ensenada.

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