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Mexico Auto Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store – Baja Earthquake News and Travel Information

News of a November 13 earthquake in Baja Norte might concern travelers who have plans to visit the area, but the 4.3 magnitude incident did not result in any reports of damage or injuries. The quake’s epicenter was in Maneadero, a small community located about a half hour south of Ensenada. It is helpful for travelers to consider some basic safety needs for their foreign driving, including Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Your Mexican car insurance online provides for emergency help in a variety of situations, and you can contact the helpline if you find yourself stranded on a Mexican highway during your visit.

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Be familiar with the route and current news 

The search engine has become one of the leading sources of information for foreign travel, and you can make the most of it as you prepare to travel in Baja. You can also use your research to identify an excellent source of Mexico auto insurance. You may appreciate the availability of better international calling solutions offered by wireless carriers as well because this enables you to keep up with news and information through data solutions. You can update your route with map applications, and you can follow weather alerts with a reliable app as well. You should keep a printed copy of your anticipated route on hand so that you can refer to it if your GPS or smartphone fails for any reason. Similarly, your policy is electronically accessible by Mexican officials. However, a printed copy is recommended so that you can provide proof of coverage as needed.

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After buying Mexico Auto Insurance, stick to conventional toll roads

The toll part of Mexican Highway 1 ends as you get to the entrance to Ensenada. However, the free road that serves as an alternative can take you through some dicey areas with steep drop-offs and inadequate guard rails. Your policy will certainly cover incidents occurring on the free road, but you have the slight added benefit of toll coverage, which supplements your Mexican car insurance if the toll road actually causes your vehicle physical damage as you drive the toll route. This information can be helpful if you find yourself facing the choice between routes.

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Mexico Auto Insurance  and Baja earthquake news and travel information

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  • Millard Fobbs
    December 7, 2016 4:26 pm

    Taking vacation is paramount in Mexico. And one thing to simplify it is to drive your own car. Nothing can be most risky than driving without Mexico insurance.

  • Audrie Still
    July 15, 2017 2:41 am

    Buying Mexico insurance is quick and easy. No need to visit offices and places. Insurance is possible right at the comfort of your home. With few clicks, your protection begins.

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