Adventure Travel in Mexico Without Long-Distance Driving

You may imagine that an adventure vacation in Mexico requires a long drive to a remote jungle. However, Ensenada offers many enjoyable activities that will thrill and entertain. Only an hour south of the Tijuana border crossing, you can make a quick getaway and keep your driving to a minimum. You don’t want to minimize details on your reliable Mexico insurance for tourists. It is important to be thorough and deliberate as you check out Mexican auto insurance policies so that you are not taken by surprise in case of an accident.

Mexico Pacific Coastline

Adventure Opportunities in Ensenada

The rugged rock formations near Ensenada beckon. The place is interesting if scenic backdrops for photography excite you. However, you can also charter a fishing expedition from the area if you want an angler’s experience. Kayaking and diving are also popular in the area, making it a great spot for the water lover. You can find zip lines in the area as well. For those who just want to relax, and adventure approach isn’t obligatory. The area also caters to the tourist who wants to enjoy or to the one who wants to shop, eat and experience the culture.

Driving in the area can be adventuresome as well. Heading south of Ensenada will allow you to enjoy some beautiful scenery as you explore areas like Santo Tomás and San Vicente. You can also check out the vineyards in the area by driving inland a bit. The scenery is lovely, and the unknown can be an adventure of its own.

Reliable Mexico insurance for tourists
Reliable Mexico insurance for tourists


Driving in the area can be adventuresome if you go without reliable Mexico insurance for tourists. An accident can be frustrating or even terrifying if you discover that you are at fault. Without the right Mexican insurance, the authorities could detain you until you met your financial obligations. As you review Mexican auto insurance policies, you need to keep in mind that limits are important. Review recommendations for Baja Norte so that you will set your limits in a reasonable range for the region. Additionally, don’t neglect the potential impact of a total vehicle loss on your finances. A few extra dollars on your Mexico auto insurance policies is worthwhile if you want compensation if your vehicle is totaled.

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