3 Things to Do With Your Savings When You Skip Mexican Insurance for Driving

We really don’t advise skimping by skipping your purchase of Mexican insurance for driving. Unfortunately, some visitors ignore this recommendation and take their chances by crossing the border without Mexico insurance for tourists. While you do have choices, there can be severe consequences for them, and we suggest tucking that sum away for an emergency. Following are some ways that you could end up spending your savings.

1. Towing

The best Mexican insurance for driving includes additional benefits like emergency assistance for breakdowns and other problems. Although you may have a travel membership with a north-of-the-border entity, you aren’t likely to obtain service in Mexico. A lockout could cost you as much as your Mexico insurance for tourists and then some. Running out of gas on a remote highway could cost you that much as well, especially if you need to pay someone to bring you gas or to take you to a gas station. Worse, you will be working with strangers who may or may not be reliable. Towing could cost you as much as a six-month or one-year policy. Needless to say, one incident could wipe out any perceived savings.

2. Legal Fees

Because Mexican insurance for driving is required by Mexican law, an accident could leave you dealing with jail time. You might want to use that saved money for bail. Or you could spend it trying to find a bilingual lawyer. Unfortunately, these costs are likely to exceed what you would have spent on Mexican insurance for driving. Even if you aren’t in an accident, a brush with the law because of driving infractions could lead to a request for proof of your coverage. You could have your vehicle and driver’s license confiscated or be otherwise fined for your failure to comply with the law. Your vehicle can be sold to help pay the bill.

3. Repair or Replace Your Vehicle

When you compare the cost of Mexican insurance for driving to the cost of a major repair or a total replacement of your vehicle after an accident, it makes little sense to skimp. A top-rated Mexico insurance for tourists policy minimizes your out-of-pocket costs, especially with fixed deductibles and expansion for vandalism and theft possibilities.


Mexican insurance for driving with MexicanInsuranceStore.com comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico

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  • Marisha Earle
    October 26, 2015 5:09 pm

    Traveling can be fun and while you think of all the places you are going to visit it is also important that you Mexican auto insurance if you are going to be driving in Mexico. This is to cover you from unintended situations or emergencies.

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