Why should I buy my Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store?

We know that you have many choices when buying Mexican insurance policy. However, we bring more advantages and benefits to the table than our competition. Highly competitive rates, highly-rated providers, a wide range of customizable and reliable policies, unparalleled experience, unbeatable customer service, and a seamless and safe online ordering process are just beginning. We have eleven great reasons why we should be your #1 provider.

  1. Experience - We have provided first-rate Mexican auto insurance to thousands of satisfied customers from Los Angeles, CA to Boston, MA since 1979. Our staff boasts nearly 80 years of combined experience in the Commercial, Personal, and Reinsurer industries. We have more Specialized Transportation Experience than any of our competitors. We save you time, money, and frustration by providing quality coverage seven days a week.
  2. Service - Mexican Insurance Store has sold tens of thousands of reliable Mexican car insurance policies to satisfied U.S. and Canadian customers. Near San Diego, we are the largest Mexican car insurance provider in the Los Angeles California area. With our services, you can be confident you come first. Our online policy delivery system is simple, fast, and accurate. You can print your policy immediately after purchase. In addition, we provides the ONLY Roadside Assistance Guarantee in the Industry.
  3. A+ Standards - We offer seven best-quality Mexico insurance online packages. Each has received A+ ratings from A.M. Best and A+ ratings from Standard and Poors; A.M Best set a Worldwide standard in advising industry-based insurer claims-paying ability and claims-paying reputation. On top of this, we have received a top A+ rating from the Los Angeles chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  4. Reliability - Each of our Mexico auto Insurance companies offers 24/7/365 claims service, ensuring that you'll never be left in the lurch. We provide Toll-Free Telephone numbers that work throughout Mexico 24/7 for guaranteed quick service throughout the country
  5. More Coverage Options - No other Mexico insurance provider brings as much to the table. Most policies include car rental, and all policies allow you to repair in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. Many marketplace online policies, but especially border booths, allow repair in Mexico ONLY. Many with inadequate labor rates. We offer single-limit liability policies ranging from $50K to $500K. Our uninsured motorist/medical payments range from $15K to $40K. Our legal limit of up to $500,000 includes bail bond coverage. We also have the lowest deductibles in the industry - $500 fixed collision deductibles and $1,000 theft deductibles. In short, we are sure to have the Mexico car insurance policy that's right for you.
  6. No Paper-Generated Policies - We work on an online-only basis. That means that no matter which car insurance for Mexico you buy, it will be transmitted to a database that can be accessed by the appropriate authorities in Mexico instantly, even if you hit the road right away! In addition, there is no lead time for our first-rate policies. Policies can begin as soon as you purchase the policy or anytime in the future per your request.
  7. Compare and Contrast with Ease - Our intuitive website interface makes comparing and contrasting different policies and packages a breeze.
  8. Exceptional Extras - Our extras and optional features run the gamut. For instance, we offer 30-minute guaranteed roadside assistance on highways, vehicle repair in the US, Mexico or Canada (in some cases), car rental, airline ticket, and coverage for vandalism and partial theft.
  9. More Competitive U.S. Labor Rates - Our ACE Platinum car insurance for Mexico policy comes with the highest labor rates in the industry - $50/$70/$75 - ensuring that you incur as little out-of-pocket expense as possible with U.S. Labor rates.
  10. Unbeatable Security and Privacy - Every transaction is safe and secure. We make sure of this by using Verisign 128-bit SSL encryption. In addition, we never provide your email address to third parties and we do NOT store any credit card numbers.
  11. Receive Quotes and Print Policies Instantly - By logging onto our site, you generate and receive Mexico insurance quotes and policies instantly - no more waiting around for someone to get back to you! In addition, once you've selected and purchased a policy, you can print a valid and recognized certificate of insurance right away and we keep your information to keep for your next trip to Mexico. After decades in the business, our thousands of satisfied customers prove that we're doing something right. Ease, simplicity, quality, and value are all cornerstones of our philosophy. Our website also provides a wealth of resources for anyone who is planning to travel to Mexico.

Why choose Mexican Insurance Store? Because we are the industry leaders when it comes to Mexico auto insurance. When safety, security, reliability, and affordability matter, we are the providers to trust. Ensure the success of your next visit to Mexico by ordering protection from us today!

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Laura BekenNovember

My boyfriend led a group of motorcycle riders on a 17-day trip through Mexico. I bought a Chubb Platinum policy for my BMW G310R from Mexican Insurance Store. During the trip, I crashed after hitting a pothole in a blind corner. I was uninjured mainly because of my Alpine Stars Tech Air Jacket which inflated like an airbag to keep me safe. The bike on the other hand had significant damage and was inoperable. I called CHUBB to file a claim and an adjuster met me to take photos of the bike and assist me in getting it operational. I indicated I wanted to get my bike repaired in the USA and they noted it. The bike was fully restored at Irv Seaver BMW in Orange County, California. Working with Chubb was professional and easy. I got the maximum payout in a couple of weeks. Whenever I need insurance for a Mexico trip, I'm always going to Mexican Insurance Store. Thanks!!!

Mary Kubischta April

Not only does Mexican Insurance Store have the best prices but they are honest and friendly with patience to explain your policy. I have been with them for three years. The price went down this third year. They could have easily said the cost was the same but were honest enough to say it went down. I have now clocked in over 100 horseback rides galloping on the beach in La Mission with Horses by Jose because I can confidently cross into Mexico with reliable insurance.

Joseph WilcoxsonAugust

I just purchased a policy! I had a couple of questions so I called and a real person answered!! They answered all of my questions and took the time to explain different coverages to me. The Customer Service was beyond my expectations!! Great Company and Excellent Customer Service!! They have definitely gained a loyal customer for life!!

leo gutierrez2 weeks

The BEST company to easily purchase Mexican insurance! They offer you some of the best rates and service. Linden and his staff are a pleasure to do business with.

Dominic BensonOctober

Shoutout MexicanInsuranceStore for the low prices and personal customer experience; Linden is always there to answer my questions!

MrSam BDecember

Thanks Linden for answering all my inquiries.. and giving us affordable quotations..

Bart Madge 8 days ago

I have used them for years.Totally trustworthy.Only takes a couple min to get insurance. Linden is great to deal with

Jim Foreman6 days

I'm delighted to give Mexican Insurance Store my highest rating. They are a brokerage for several top-rated insurers for Mexican Auto Insurance. I use them to insure my motorcycles and car when traveling south of the border with no effort. Recently, I needed to file a claim for a motorcycle tip-over in Mexico (I wasn't on the bike) and it was handled professionally and quickly. Much quicker than my US insurance. When looking for Mexican Car Insurance, this is the best and safest way to go!

Keith TelekiApril

Booking insurance for a trip to Mexico is so easy using their online tool. I wish they had an app so I could just click and buy a policy on the way to Mexico.

David KelleyJuly

Outstanding service! I have been purchasing my Mexican insurance from this company for years. Highly recommended!

Textbroker “Textbroker” MarketingNovember

Buying my policy was fast and easy. I didn't need to use my policy, but having it during a drive where we were stopped for an inspection kept my mind at ease.

Joel NegreteMay

Best online prices. Allows you to customize your insurance

kimberly sayaangJanuary

Great service!

kimberly sayaang1 week

Great service!

David HigginsSeptember

Well found out I didn't actually have to go there just did everything over really a pleasant experience

Rick GarrisOne week

Been using them for years. Great.

Frank Agresti12 days

Easy, reasonable.

Steve PowellFebruary

Easy and fast!

Laila Gipson Estrada

Easy to purchase and affordable

Papa Aaron

Keep safe little cost, ya never know

Two Travelersa year

Great policy for Mexico!

GV RATT2 weeks ago

cheap insurance

Sam Marquez3 days

Christi Etie

john frost

Michael Garba

Tom B.

Evil Flectionz

We continue delivering excellent quality service since 1979 because you deserve the best.