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5. What do I get when I buy my Mexico insurance policy from Mexican Insurance Store - People Also Ask

    When you buy your Mexico insurance policy from Mexican Insurance Store, you get much more than a slip of paper.

    Consider these points:

    Reliable Coverage - Each one of our Mexico insurance policies is authentic and recognized by the appropriate authorities south of the border. You never have to worry about ending up with a worthless slip of paper.

    Important Phone Numbers - Nothing is worse than being in a foreign country and not knowing who to call for help. Mexican Insurance Store arms you with the telephone numbers that you need so that you are never left hanging.

    Roadside Assistance - By investing in a CHUBB, HDI or MAPFRE Mexico insurance policy, you can enjoy roadside assistance at no extra charge.

    Emergency Medical Assistance - All CHUBB, HDI or MAPFRE policies come with reliable emergency medical assistance which is sure to make for a worry-free Mexican vacation.

    Rental Cars - All CHUBB, HDI or MAPFRE insurance policies from Mexican Insurance Store come with various rental car coverage. In the event that your vehicle requires repairs, you will enjoy the use of a rental car.

    A Special Note About CHUBB Policy Coverage

    In addition to the preceding benefits, you should know that you get plenty of extras when you buy a Mexican insurance policy by CHUBB. Such policies come with first-rate service guarantees for claims handling, roadside assistance, legal assistance and medical assistance during and after an accident. You'll also receive follow-up calls every 30 minutes until help arrives, along with weekly status updates until your claim is successfully completed.

    Claims Service Guarantee: Each CHUBB Mexico insurance policy comes with their new service claims guarantee. The service guarantee provides assurances to consumers regarding mexico car insurance claims handling, legal, roadside, and medical assistance during and after auto incidents that occur in Mexico.

    Reserved for vehicles that are less than three tons and fifteen years of age, the service claims guarantee holds CHUBB Insurance company accountable for providing premium service at every step of the insurance claims process. From follow up calls that are guaranteed to be made every 30 minutes until assistance has arrived to the incident site to weekly status updates made until the case has been completed, CHUBB provides money-back guarantees on the service provided to its policy holders. What do I get when I buy my Mexico insurance policy from Mexican Insurance Store - People Also Ask

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