What Documents Will I Recieve When I Purchase a Mexico insurance policy?

Good question, thanks for asking! When you purchase your Mexico insurance policy through Mexican Insurance Store, you get a lot more than just a piece of paper.

Consider these points:

  • Reliable Coverage - Every one of our Mexico insurance policies is genuine and authorized by the relevant authorities on the other side of the border. You'll never have to worry about receiving a worthless slip of paper if you get one of our plans.
  • Important Phone Numbers - Nothing is more inconvenient than being in a new land without knowing who you should call for assistance. The liability insurance documents provide you with the phone numbers you require so that you are never stranded.
  • Roadside Assistance - You get free roadside assistance by purchasing a CHUBB, HDI, or MAPFRE Mexico car insurance policy from us.
  • Emergency Medical Assistance - CHUBB, HDI, and MAPFRE Mexican auto insurance plans provide emergency medical assistance that is certain to make your Mexican getaway worry-free.
  • ID Cards - In the event that your vehicle needs repair, you will have access to a rental car under CHUBB, HDI, or MAPFRE car insurance policies. You'll be able to use a rental car if your automobile needs extended repairs in an accident.

What Documents Will I Receive Before I Travel To Mexico?

When you purchase a Mexico auto insurance online plan you receive a Mexican car insurance certificate so that you can drive legally in Mexico. Yes, you need to purchase coverage from a Mexican auto insurance company. Mexican law mandates that only Mexico car insurance companies that are licensed and admitted in Mexico can provide civil liability auto insurance coverage that is recognized by the judicial system of Mexico.

You will receive a certificate in English and Spanish, as well as two pages of accident instructions and ID cards. This comes out to be between four and five pages, depending on the size of your printer. Print one or two copies and keep them in your glove compartment. Remove the ID cards from the templates and store them in your wallet.

Make sure everyone on your road trip has an ID. This is because authorities typically confiscate your certificate, and they don't generally return it. As a result, you can't call for assistance since you don't know which phone numbers to call because the authorities have taken your papers. Just a reminder to keep your ID cards on hand or take a picture and keep it on your phone while you are traveling in Mexico.

A Special Note About CHUBB Auto Insurance Company Coverage

You may enjoy the following advantages when you get a Mexican insurance policy from CHUBB: You will receive more than enough extras if you acquire a Mexican car insurance policy from CHUBB. For claims processing, legal assistance, and medical help during and after an accident, these policies come with exceptional service guarantees. You'll also receive follow-up calls every 30 minutes until help arrives, as well as weekly status reports until your claim is settled.

Claims Service Guarantee: Each CHUBB car insurance policy includes a new service claims guarantee. During and after automobile accidents that occur in Mexico, their service guarantee assures customers of legal, roadside, and medical assistance. The service guarantee, which is reserved for cars with a weight of less than three tonnes and 15 years of age, ensures that CHUBB Insurance Company is responsible for providing premium service throughout the auto insurance policy claims process. CHUBB provides money-back guarantees on the service it provides to its policyholders, from follow-up calls that are guaranteed to be made every 30 minutes until assistance has arrived at the incident site to weekly status updates provided till the case has been settled. The service guarantee, which is reserved for cars with a weight of less than three tons and 15 years of age, ensures that CHUBB Insurance Company is responsible for providing premium service throughout the insurance claims process South of the Border.

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