Where to Stay in Puerto Peñasco

As you plan for your Rocky Point vacation, you may wonder about options for accommodations. Those who don’t mind roughing it a bit may enjoy the beachfront experience of a campground. Resort and home rental experiences are also available. In any of these cases, you need to select your Mexican insurance for Rocky Point prior to crossing the border. An online insurance policy can save you time at the border. Additionally, researching and buying your Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point from your computer will allow you to get the best value.

Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

RV travel to Rocky Point

You may want to verify that a campground reservation is available as you explore options online. Camping is a popular way for those visiting Mexico to travel. And RVs are a common sight on the roads during the summer months. Expect to pay campground fees in cash. Additionally, consider towing an auxiliary vehicle for exploring the area so that you don’t risk giving up your spot at the camping site. You do need independent insurance policy to cover the use of your extra vehicle. You also need to add your extra vehicle to your primary Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point as a towed item. Towing without a towed item included on your Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point can result in the nullification of your policy.

Resort accommodations

If a hotel is all that you need for a comfortable stay, you’ll find lots of luxurious choices. Credit card acceptance is more likely with larger resorts. But be prepared with cash if you will stay at a mom-and-pop type of hotel. The area should offer ATMs and banks for obtaining additional cash, but be aware of any international transaction fees.

Rental properties

You can work with a real estate agent or consider online rental services to coordinate a stay in an area home. Payments are often made online, saving you the need to carry cash. This may be a great way to save money if you travel with a large group of friends or with a couple of families. As you search, you may need to use the Mexican name, Puerto Peñasco.

Mexican insurance for Rocky Point

Remember to pick up Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point before leaving!

Don’t forget to bring the documents for your insurance. Although the information should be in related databases, actual possession of your insurance policy can simplify things if you have an accident.

Mexican insurance for Rocky Point will protect you if you get in an accident!

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