When Does Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage Expire?

Mexican auto Insurance Coverage

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Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage – When Does It Expire?

You may wonder about whether you need new Mexican auto insurance coverage for the new year. Although your U.S. or Canada coverage may be purchased for either six-month or one-year terms, your Mexico auto insurance policy is based on your needs as selected when you generate your quote and purchase online. Because of this, it is important to keep your policy period in mind both before and after a purchase.

How Long Does Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage Last?

You can buy a Mexico auto insurance policy for a single day or for a full year. Policy periods can be established for specific amounts of time within this range. Your policy’s starting and ending dates are selected at the time you make your purchase, and it is important to note these details on your personal calendar, especially if you have a long-term policy that you might forget about as it expires at the end of the coverage period. Unlike your at-home coverage, you may not desire to automatically renew your Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage if you aren’t planning any trips right away. However, if you travel south of the border frequently, it may be easy to assume that your coverage is still intact when it has, in fact, expired. Your calendar is an important defense against a lapsed Mexican auto insurance coverage and a potential problem in the event of a car accident.

Best Policy Periods Based on Travel Plans

If you will travel only briefly in the country, then a short-term plan is ideal for your needs. However, a time period of three weeks or longer may be more costly than a six-month policy. If you will be in the country longer than three weeks at any given point, then a six-month or one-year selection can keep your costs down. Deciding between these two options will depend on the frequency of your expected travel. If your trips across the border will be spread out throughout the year, then a one-year plan makes the most sense. If you will only be making one trip, then six months of Mexican auto insurance coverage should be sufficient for your needs.

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  • If you’re a busy man, it will be difficult for you to check the expiration date of your Mexican auto insurance. If you often travel, it’s helpful to ask assistance to someone who can double check your policy once in a while.

  • Debroah Dozier
    December 27, 2015 4:48 pm

    If your Mexico travel lasts only for a few days, then what is ideal for you is a short-term plan. But a three-week period will be more expensive compared to a 6-month Mexican insurance policy.

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