Top Tijuana Attractions, Information, and Short-Term Mexico Insurance

Although the tourist area near the border offers an excellent experience for many Tijuana visitors, some may find that short-term Mexico insurance makes it possible to see more than just the showy side of the tourist zone. With Mexican insurance for Tijuana, you can explore area parks, spas, golf courses, museums, and shopping malls.

Tijuana, Baja California/Mexico – December 9, 2015: People shop beneath the colorful hanging flags at Plaza Santa Cecilia, a historic Mexican square in the city’s heart.

Things to Do in Tijuana

Gallería Hipódromo is a contemporary shopping mall with a multi-level design accessible to those with special needs. Enjoy Starbucks, Carl’s Junior, and other familiar food locations. You can also shop in a Mexican Walmart. Go on a nice day so that you can enjoy the outside sitting areas. Fit in a round of golf at Real del Mar or the Tijuana Country Club. Many museums to consider, including the Tijuana Cultural Center, which features visual arts. The Tijuana History Museum features local historical information and displays. Estadio Caliente provides visitors with a magnificent spot to experience Mexican fútbol.

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is required to drive on any highway or freeway in Mexico!

Tijuana as a Springboard to Baja

As you get your feet wet in Tijuana, venture beyond this busy city to experience the more laid-back nature of the rest of Baja Norte. For example, you might enjoy the seaside access in Rosarito. The long drive to Ensenada is relaxing and beautiful. You can head further down the Baja Peninsula as you check out San Quintín.

If you travel beyond Tijuana, you may need to adjust travel documents, including your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Your liability needs may be the same throughout Baja Norte. However, you may need to increase this value in your Mexican insurance for Tijuana. This is important if you plan to drive into Baja Sur. Death benefits in a fatality accident in the southern state are much higher than those in Baja Norte, and inadequate limits on your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store could create problems if you cannot satisfy your obligations in a severe accident. You must also make sure that your Mexican insurance for Tijuana policy is adequate for the entire time in Mexico. If you change your travel plans on a whim, take time to update your Mexican insurance for Tijuana.

Short-term Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance and bail bond throughout Mexico at no additional charge.

Top Things to Do While Visiting Tijuana – Mexico Auto Insurance


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    Most of the time, raw foods may not be healthy in Mexico. So make sure that each meat dish you pay for and eat is well-cooked.

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    Yes, the price of Mexico insurance at the border is more costly. You will be surprised with the price. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything but to buy one.

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    Top souvenirs? Buy a pair of cool and matchless souvenirs like hats! Give them to your friends and family members. Let them feel Mexico with what you can hand them out.

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