Too Early To Find A Snowbird Destination? Find out with Mexican Auto Insurance

With winter being months away, you may not be as worried about finding a snowbird destination this year. However, this is the perfect time to do some research. Whether you decide to rent a home in Mexico or whether you need details about buying a property for future use, the summer months are ideal for getting to know the area without the pressure of having to stay. Put Mexican auto insurance protection at the top of your list. If you decide that Mexico is the right destination, you may want to expand your Mexico car insurance policy to an annual policy right away so that you can work on hammering out details.

Malecon in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Can I buy snowbird property?

It’s wise to work with a reputable real estate professional if buying is your goal. You want to be sure that you actually like the place that you intend to buy. You also need to understand that foreigners technically can’t buy land in Mexico. Unless you are planning on giving birth in Mexico, you probably won’t find a long, lost Mexican relative to hold the property for you. Some gringos have run into dishonest situations and experienced a lot of grief over their decisions, so you need to consider finding someone who has a great reputation with other gringos.

Should I rent before I buy?

While renting is temporary, it is the better choice if you are new to the country or to an area. You need to get Mexican auto insurance so that you can check the area out first. You may want to evaluate stores, driving distances and neighborhoods, especially if you will be in a remote area.

Remember that Authorities Require Mexican auto insurance on toll roads!

In general, winter travel into Mexico shouldn’t be a huge challenge. However, towing a lot of household goods could result in a border stop that will necessitate your declaration of goods. Think about buying some items locally so that you can keep your towing to a minimum. Don’t wait until your arrival to select Mexico car insurance. If your car insurance isn’t in place when you cross the border, you could run into problems, especially if you get into an accident.

Mexican auto insurance at gives you peace of mind!

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