Tips for a First-Timer Driving into Mexico With Mexico insurance for autos from


Mexico insurance for autos from

Crossing South of the Border

Mexico insurance for autos from and Tips for a First-Timer Driving into Mexico

That first trip across the Mexican border can be exciting but overwhelming. Expect your senses to be captivated with foreign vocabulary, varied architecture and a different pace. I may even seem a bit confusing in spite of your preparation for this portion of the adventure. Your Mexico insurance for autos from is important from the very moment you enter the country for this very reason. Lose focus for just a few moments, and you could wind up in a fender bender or worse at the very start of your trip. Without Mexican car insurance coverage, this could lead to some serious implications for the remainder of your trip. Mexico insurance for autos from ic now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Tips for a Smooth Border Crossing

The line at the border may seem to be slow moving, but once you are cleared to pass through, the pace picks up quickly, especially if you are traveling during a hectic crossing time. Many residents of border towns commute across for work, meaning that you will face larger lines and more active traffic levels if you enter Mexico at the same time these workers are returning home. Plan ahead so that you won’t be competing with aggressive drivers and tired workers to reach your destination. Weekday mornings may be the best opportunities for crossing without a lot of traffic, and this is ideal for the first-time driving trip to Mexico.

As you approach the border, you will notice stoplights at the front of each lane. When you reach the front of the line, wait for the signal before crossing. Although a red light is less likely, be aware that this requires your stopping off to the side so that you can answer questions. Officials will want to know if you have anything to declare, and they may ask about your plans. You will rarely be asked about issues like Mexico insurance for autos from at this juncture. However, you should have your paperwork for your Mexico insurance in your vehicle so that it can be produced if needed. If you will travel beyond the border zone or if you will be in the country for more than three days, this is also the area to stop at for a tourist visa. Although you may not need to show this permit, an encounter with federales at a checkpoint later may leave you wishing you had done so.

Cover Your Vehicle with Mexico insurance for autos from

Your Mexican car insurance coverage has recently been made mandatory although some foreigners think they will be fine if they drive without it. Unfortunately, it’s only in an accident that you will truly discover how serious this omission can be. Take time to buy your Mexico insurance for autos from online before you leave home.

Mexico insurance for autos from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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