Three Weekend Fun Spots in Mexico

If you don’t want to waste your weekend with a bunch of driving but do want to get away from the pace of everyday life, then Mexico is an excellent choice. There are fun locations within an hour of the border. This allows you to make your drive brief as you maximize your fun. You can save more time by getting your Mexican auto insurance policy online rather than stopping at one of the border shacks. Select a short-term policy to cover just the weekend, or consider long-term Mexico auto insurance for tourists so that you can make this a regular getaway option.

Port of Ensenada.

Rocky Point

Those who live in central or southern Arizona may find that Rocky Point offers the most sensible option for a foreign getaway on a limited schedule. You will need your Mexican auto insurance policy online documents handy in case of incidents. But you shouldn’t need to provide them unless you actually experience an accident or roadside emergency.

You will only need to drive an hour beyond the border crossing at Lukeville, and you will have access to plenty of space along the beach as you enjoy the water and the shoreline. Consider using your RV for a simple approach to accommodations. Or indulge yourself by staying in one of the many tourist-friendly resorts in the community. A day trip is another option as you get to know the area and return home in the evening. It is wise to plan your driving during daylight hours for safety reasons.

Mexico auto insurance for tourists


One of the most charming and accessible cities in Mexico is Ensenada. It is approximately one hour beyond the border crossing at Tijuana. You can look for simple hotel accommodations or resort options. You can enjoy the shoreline or play the tourist as you shop for trinkets. Venture inland just a bit for Baja’s wine country.

Be sure to try a fish taco or two in the city that made them famous. Many visitors extend their stay. This is a serious temptation as you fall in love with the community. In that case, you will need to adjust your Mexican auto insurance policy online to ensure that your policy doesn’t lapse. Mexico auto insurance for tourists can be accessed from your tablet or smartphone if you don’t have your laptop handy during your trip.


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  • Leonardo Lute
    May 25, 2015 5:44 pm

    Mexican Insurance store offers cheap policies, so there’s no reason you can’t get covered before entering Mexico. Find a quick car insurance quote online that fits your budget.

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