Three Road Hazards to Watch in Mexico and Mexican auto insurance from


Mexican auto insurance from
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Mexican auto insurance from and Three Road Hazards to Watch in Mexico

While you can drive safely in Mexico, it is important to be alert and careful so that you don’t encounter unexpected hazards without being prepared. It is helpful to remember that Mexican roads may not meet the same standards you are used to in the United States or Canada. Road widths, guard rails and traffic signs may seem lacking at times. Safe driving means understanding that you need to drive defensively at all times, expecting the unexpected. Avoiding accidents is preferred, but Mexican auto insurance from is an important safeguard in case anything goes wrong. Your Mexico auto insurance online policies can be selected online before you reach the border. Mexican auto insurance from is now required in order to drive legally on freeways in Mexico.

Three Hazards to Watch for as You Drive with Mexican auto insurance from

Your time on the road doesn’t have to be stressful, but understanding common hazards may help you to adjust as needed. Some common issues include:

  1. Road maintenance – although you will drive primarily on paved roads in cities and on highways, issues like potholes may be ignored for months. Be alert in heavy traffic, and watch ahead on highways. Dirt roads are common in rural areas, and you should pay attention for sharp rocks, glass and other hazards in these areas.
  2. Driving times – early mornings in coastal areas can feature poor visibility issues, making it important to proceed with caution if fog is present. Fog tends to clear as the sun rises, making it wise to wait before setting out. Late night driving can be dangerous because of visibility issues as well. Streets in rural areas aren’t well-lit, and you may encounter pedestrians, animals or cyclists. Similarly, potholes and other road damage are less noticeable in the dark.
  3. Driving behaviors – a lack of understanding can lead to frustrating or dangerous situations. For example, a four-way stop is more like a free-for-all in a busy city. Expect the most daring driver to go first regardless of the rules of the road. Bravado is often the rule of the road in such instances. At the same time, you can expect courtesy to be an important factor on the open highway. However, you need to know how this is reflected. A driver on a straight stretch of highway may signal left when no left turn is indicated. This is his way of letting you know that you are clear to pass. Left turns are often handled from the opposite lane, meaning that if you stop in the middle of the road to signal left, you could aggravate one or more drivers behind you.

Mexican auto insurance from Covers Your Errors on the Road

In spite of vigilant driving, an error can lead to an accident.  Mexico auto insurance online policies are required for a reason, and while you may enjoy an accident-free vacation, you can’t afford to make assumptions by skipping the need for Mexican auto insurance from There’s really no excuse to ignore the protection afforded with Mexican auto insurance from as you can access coverage online and make an easy purchase from the comfort of your home. Print your Mexico auto insurance online policies at home or in the office so that you don’t have to stop at the border.

Mexican auto insurance from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.

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  • Lakendra Pickell
    November 2, 2014 5:42 pm

    Defensive driving is of necessity when driving on busy highways in Mexico. Sometimes the drivers there can be aggressive. Whichever case, having Mexico insurance is one of the best defensive cover.

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