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You’ve heard of the buddy system, and in a driving situation, you might call it a caravan. In addition to traveling en masse to reach a designated destination, this approach to travel offers important logistical and safety benefits. Each vehicle in your Mexico caravan should have its own quality Mexico insurance online. You will want to become familiar with the terms of your Mexico car insurance policy to ensure that you don’t inadvertently violate those terms in your driving decisions. Following are some of the areas in which caravan travelers might unknowingly cross that line:

RV Caravan On The Road To Rocky Point


Many caravan groups driving in Mexico take at least one trailer to haul luggage, specialty equipment, or food. It is important to understand that towing without including a towed item on your Mexico insurance coverage could invalidate a policy. This is especially true in the event of an accident. Don’t leave that trailer off of your Mexico car insurance policy just to save a few dollars.

Additionally, understand that a change of towing configurations during the trip could result in a problem. If the towing vehicle has problems, for example, and a different vehicle takes over the towing, that vehicle will be in violation of the terms of its Mexican car insurance unless the towed item is also listed on its policy. Be sure that your towing vehicles are in shape for travel. And consider adding the towed trailers. Also include other items to all policies of vehicles that might take over towing responsibilities.

Shared Driving

Another benefit of caravan travel can be the ability to share driving responsibilities, especially if each vehicle carries at least two adults. Many caravan teams traveling into Mexico include young adults. And you need to be aware that your Mexican insurance does not provide coverage for underage drivers. An unlimited number of drivers may operate your vehicle, but they must meet the following conditions:

  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Be at least 21 years of age

It’s wise to be aware of driving conditions as you allow younger drivers to navigate Mexican roadways. While your driver may meet the criteria defined in your Mexican car insurance policy, you may face some sticky situations in hilly highway areas with narrow lanes. Be sensible in delegating driving responsibilities.

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