Talavera Pottery Defining Mexican Handicrafts

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Talavera Pottery – Mexico

Before returning to your home after enjoying a glorious holiday, you look out for a memento of your trip. Don’t you? If you are traveling in Mexico and searching for a unique souvenir for your trip, Talavera Pottery is the answer. The elegant earthenware depicts the talented artistry of Mexican people.

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Choosing a Pottery

Once you reach the crafts market, you will come across hundreds of designs of Talavera Pottery. The price depends upon the detailing of the piece. More detail means a more expensive piece. You can choose the memento of your trip from various colors that range from cobalt to yellow and from red to green. You will get a feel as if every piece is competing with the other to catch your attention. The potters paint complex patterns by hand on white base glaze which is known as Majolica-Style.

Some of the basic things that would help you check if the piece you are buying is authentic or not are: The artisan or the pottery studio would sign the Talavera pottery and there will be a mark of city of Puebla which is the place of origin of the art. Just remember you need Mexico insurance coverage to drive legally in Mexico. Mexican Insurance Store.com provides high-quality Mexican auto insurance online at affordable rates.

Determining Authentic Pottery

The materials used in the manufacture of the Talavera pottery will also help you in determining the authenticity of the pieces. In genuine pottery pieces, you will always find pieces made from clays of the state of Puebla. No matter how good or attractive the pottery piece is, the experts will not consider it as a legitimate piece of Talavera pottery if the clay came from any other region than Puebla. Also, the expert potters use only natural mineral pigments to decorate the piece. Usage of commercial paints would make it an imitated version of the pottery.

While forming a piece, the potter must turn the clay on a potter’s wheel before getting molded by hand. Slightly raised borders are one of the major highlights of genuine Talavera pottery. If you are the person who always craves uniqueness and genuineness, then Talavera pottery is a must-buy for you to decorate your home or office.

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