Whether you’ve only taken a first short-term trip or spent a couple of weeks soaking up the sun and culture in Mexico, you may be captivated enough to want to figure out a longer stay. As you decide on your options, you will want to be sure that you extend your Mexican auto insurance for driving to support long-term driving in Mexico. Your Mexican insurance policy online makes it easy to update or renew your coverage.

Rocky Point Vacation Rentals

Longer Stays with Rental Homes

You may wonder about where to stay during a long-term trip to Mexico. If you will spend the bulk of your time in a certain community, then you may want to rent a home for that period. There are different ways to approach this. In some cases, those who have developed relationships in a community can find opportunities to rent. Others may look online for available properties. You could even contact a real estate agent working in the area to find a home for a short-term stay. Pricing may depend on your rental method. Expect online vacation rentals to be higher in price than those you coordinate on a local level. However, you can also keep typical tourism seasons in mind if your schedule is flexible. After the U.S. Labor Day holiday, Mexico tourism beyond the border can taper off, making this a time for cheaper rates.

Work for Your Keep

If you need a budget-friendly place to stay, you might consider connecting with a non-profit organization in the area you want to visit. In some cases, churches, orphanages, and medical ministries have dormitories, bases, and other types of compounds that are designed to house short-term service groups. However, they may also be able to accommodate a long-term helper. This will allow you to use your resources to explore the area in greater depth.

Keeping Track of Your Mexican auto insurance for driving

A reliable computer or wireless device can be helpful during your trip. Your smartphone may require an international plan to keep your communications affordable, but you can also work with area Wi-Fi options to connect through social media. Your Mexican insurance policy can be accessed with an Internet connection as you verify terms or consider an update. You must maintain Mexican auto insurance for driving as long as you stay.


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