Sunset Lobster Dinner in Mexico with Low-Cost Mexico Insurance for Travelers

Romantic sunset in an exotic setting is the perfect backdrop for an evening dinner date, but you might figure that the options for Mexican locations are limited. Fortunately, there are some gorgeous spots to consider right in Baja Norte, and few require more than an hour of driving after the border to reach. You can handle your low-cost Mexico insurance for travelers before you leave so that you don’t have to trouble with a border stop for Mexico car insurance online. You’ll be on your way in time for the gorgeous hues of the Pacific sunset. Mexican Auto Insurance policy at is now required to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Beachside dining with lobster dinner


One of the easiest locations is only 20 minutes from the border. There are many hotels and classy restaurants to consider, great if you don’t plan to stay the night in Mexico. You can enjoy an upscale dinner, a walk along the beach, and an easy trek back to the border. An evening border crossing back into the U.S. may go more quickly on a weeknight, so be aware that you could experience some delays during peak travel weekends.

Puerto Nuevo

This location is an excellent spot if you love lobster. What could be more enjoyable than a lobster dinner at sunset? This small town grew around the lobster dishes prepared in the area a little farther than Rosarito. You’ll also find hotels in the vicinity, excellent if you want to make a night of it.

Make sure that if you decide at the last minute to stay, you log onto your insurance policy at to purchase additional coverage. Of course, if you plan to make this a regular experience, you may want to expand your coverage so that you have long-term insurance coverage.


The hour’s drive to Ensenada is a beautiful experience in and of itself. You’ll find many tourist spots along the waterfront for evening dining, and the sunset view is fantastic. Of course, you could pack a picnic and enjoy a simple dinner from the overlook at the edge of town. If wine is on your menu, it’s wise to stay the night.

low-cost Mexico insurance for travelers

Remember to buy Mexico car insurance online before leaving!

Don’t drink and drive! Mexico car insurance is comprehensive to deal with almost any issue that can arise. Still, if you get into an accident under the influence, your insurance policy will not cover the damages.

Low-cost Mexico insurance for travelers at gives you peace of mind! 

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