Stormy Fall Weather in Baja – Get Mexican Insurance for Baja

Stormy Fall Weather in Baja – Get Mexican Insurance for Baja

With weather in the Pacific brewing up numerous tropical storms and potential hurricanes this season, you may be reluctant to travel very far down the Baja Peninsula. However, you may still enjoy some nearby exploration of Baja Norte. It is important to keep watch of current weather reports for the duration of hurricane season to be sure of imminent issues. You will also need to be sure that your Mexico insurance by is up to date. Click here for more info. It is important to make a quick check of your Mexican insurance policy prior to travel to make sure that no significant changes have occurred.

Different Vehicle

If you have long-term coverage, you will want to be aware that a change of vehicle for travel will require a separate policy. Although you may have a full year of coverage, your Mexico insurance policy only covers one vehicle, that for which the policy was originally written. A separate or additional car requires its own coverage.

Changed Driving Plans

If you make a change in how you will be driving in Mexico, a change to your policy may be warranted. For example, if you decide to tow a boat, trailer, or extra car, you will need to add your towed items to your main Mexicen insurance. If that towed item is a vehicle to be driven during your time in Mexico, you may need a separate policy to cover that vehicle’s use. However, off-road vehicles such as ATVs are not typically covered for off-road activity. If you have concerns about such items, it may be important to discuss your interests directly with an agent.

Staying Safe During Stormy Conditions

While you may try to avoid serious weather issues, it may be necessary to stop your travel if an unexpected storm reaches your destination or your travel path. If you can find a hotel and stay put, you can wait out a strong storm in many cases. While the devastation wreaked on some Cabo tourist spots was disconcerting to tourists in the area, this isn’t a common occurrence. Do your best to steer clear of serious storms by watching warnings and updates prior to your travel into an area.

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