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Mexican insurance at – Stay healthy while traveling around Mexico

Driving around Mexico can be exciting, but dealing with illness can obviously affect your fun. Before you go, you may want to plan for some of the more common issues like colds or food sensitivities. You will also want to have your regular medicines in sufficient supply for your trip. Don’t skip paying for Mexican insurance at! Although car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance don’t cover your general health, there are some important supplemental provisions in case your travel is interrupted for a serious illness.

Staying healthy in tourist areas

(Pro tip: Mexican insurance at is required to use the toll roads)

One of the most important steps you can take as you travel is good hand-washing, especially if you will be handling trinkets in public markets. You don’t need to be obnoxious about using hand sanitizer in front of people, but be sure to wash your hands before you eat to minimize your exposure to germs. Also, be particular about your food purchases. While vendors may offer savory dishes, you need to remember that anything on wheels can move on. Food poisoning is tough to trace back to a vendor who is no longer there. Additionally, food handling with a cart may not be the best. Even permanent stands and restaurants should be evaluated for their vulnerabilities with food storage and handling as you consider eating. Beware of salsas that appear to have been out in the open for extended periods.

Does Mexican insurance at provide medical assistance?

Although public clinics and hospitals may be available in small communities, you may want to do some questioning before you visit such facilities. There are often private practitioners if you are dealing with non-emergency issues, but if you are dealing with an emergency, look for prompt assistance with entities such as Cruz Roja. Your car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance does offer some travel support, and you may be able to obtain local contact information for medical facilities by locating the support number that comes with your Mexican insurance at If you are having a medical emergency, your car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance may be the starting point for seeking an ambulance.

Mexican insurance at comes included with Roadside Assistance! 

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