Starting Your Storm Chasing Career in Mexico – Mexican insurance for cars at

Mexican insurance for cars at
Tornado In Monterrey, Mexico

Mexican insurance for cars at and Starting Your Storm Chasing Career in Mexico

While Mexico gets more attention for occasional hurricane issues, the reality is that there are lots of potential storm issues. Whether its a 100-year flood that cuts a community off from the rest of the country or whether it’s a tornado, extreme weather can be serious, especially in areas where infrastructure is sketchy. Although you may fancy yourself an adventurer of sorts, your representatives for Mexican insurance for cars at recommend that you make safety a top priority when circumstances are serious. While you may have coverage in certain scenarios, you really don’t want to deal with the red tape involved in losing your vehicle to storm damage or other problems due to carelessness about the weather. Car insurance for Mexico is simply a priority for legal driving, and sensible driving is another critical key to avoiding problems during your trip. Mexican insurance for cars at is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico. Following are some issues to consider:

  • Disorientation – in a severe storm, you may easily become disoriented, potentially making wrong turns, especially in unfamiliar or unknown locations. Hunker down in a hotel room or familiar area if possible. Don’t risk going off recognized roads and potentially voiding your Mexican insurance for cars at
  • Risk of damage – in a severe wind event, there is potential for downed power lines and trees. In flooding situations, you run the risk of getting into deep water that could damage your vehicle. While your coverage may include damage to your vehicle if you selected a full coverage option, your travel plans may be inconveniently cut short as you deal with repairs. Your car insurance for Mexico does include travel interruption solutions, but is this really how you want your vacation to unfold?
  • Personal injury – one of the most significant risks you face by embracing a storm rather than hunkering down is that of injury. Flying debris, rising waters or washed out roads could result in serious harm, including the possibility of death, putting a tragic end to your travel plans.

Keep your head out of the clouds and above water by being smart about storms, especially in a foreign setting. While your  Mexican insurance for cars at may include travel help if you need to get out of the country after a medical emergency, your car insurance for Mexico can be voided if your activities violate terms. Mexican insurance for cars at does cover some meteorological events, but Mexico isn’t the place to make your name in the storm-chasing world.

Mexican insurance for cars at comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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