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Mexican insurance for tourists – Should you exchange dollars for pesos?

If you are traveling into Mexico, exchanging money isn’t as big of a deal as you think. Your main issues will be deciding whether to get Mexican insurance for tourists just before crossing. Mexico insurance online can save you a lot of time and money as you handle the details before you leave home. Once you are over the border, you may want to be selective about money exchange businesses based on your travel plans. Mexican insurance for tourists is now required in order to drive legally on Federal highways in Mexico.

Casetas de Cambio

Little booths for changing money may be available just after entering Mexico, but the reality is that if you will be spending much time near the border, you may not need to change your dollars for pesos. You can make an exchange if you want to, but you may lose out on the deal. A bank is a more reliable source for an accurate exchange rate, and in today’s economy, you don’t even need to interact with a person to handle this activity. Many banks have ATMs, making it possible to withdraw money in pesos. You will need to be aware that your own bank will probably charge a foreign transaction fee. It may also take some time for your exact value to be posted to your bank account. Allow some leeway as you make such withdrawals in Mexico so that you don’t mistakenly overdraw your account.

Spending Your Dollars

Your U.S. dollars can usually be spent in border zones with little trouble. You may not get the exact exchange rate in these settings, but you may be able to counter those small losses through shrewd negotiation when you find items that you want to buy. Small markets and vendors may be open to negotiation. Big-box stores are probably not going to allow the practice. Know your environment well enough to know that such bartering is or isn’t acceptable. Be aware that in some tourist areas, especially those reached by air or cruise ship, you may have to convert your dollars to pesos based on area practices. Convenience may be your best indicator of a good spot in such instances.

Don’t Barter with Your Mexican Insurance for Tourists

Negotiating for lower prices may seem like a great idea with Mexico insurance online, but your compromises may be costly. Even the best Mexican insurance for tourists can be inadequate if you skimp on your vehicle value or liability limits.

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