Should I Walk or Drive Into Tijuana With Mexico Insurance

Parking at the border for a day in Tijuana may seem like a great idea. After all, you can skip your purchase of Mexico insurance and spend that money on mementos or food, right? However, make your trip across on a busy tourist day, and you may find that the trip back over the border is tiring and frustrating. Indeed, Mexican insurance online coverage may be worth its weight in gold if you plan to do much shopping or walking during your visit.

Comfortable Return Trip

One of the biggest benefits of having your vehicle on the south side of the border is that you can enjoy sitting in line to return to the U.S. rather than having to stand in line. At the end of an active day of walking, your feet may be tired, making a seat very appealing. Unfortunately, long border lines don’t allow many opportunities to sit down. Additionally, if you are walking back in inclement or hot weather, you will be fully exposed to those elements. Think about how nice an air-conditioned vehicle may feel at this point.

Access to Other Areas

Your walking trip over the border restricts you pretty much to the border zone. While this is a fun area, it is limited in focus. Expect to see some glitz and show. Expect to be badgered about spending money. This can be fun, but there is much more to Tijuana and the nearby communities. With your car, you can drive 20 minutes south to Rosarito and walk along the lovely beaches. You can also shop in a more relaxed environment. Enjoy laid-back restaurants and some fun opportunities to practice your Spanish without being pressured to spend all your money. In fact, you can even drive an hour south of Tijuana to check out Ensenada. With your vehicle, you have the freedom to explore a bit. You can head inland from Ensenada to check out Baja’s wine country too.

Don’t Cross in Your Vehicle Without Mexico Insurance 

Mexican insurance online coverage is required of all motorists in Baja, and you will be in violation of the law if you drive in the country without appropriate Mexico insurance. You can buy your Mexico insurance online in just a few minutes if you decide to take your vehicle into the country.


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  • Savannah Laverty
    June 30, 2014 4:44 pm

    The few Tijuana souvenirs I bought still revive my memory on the day I made a walk across the border to Mexico. I just wanted to experience that beautiful atmosphere on a warm day. The patterned T-shirts I bought are still my weekend favorites.

  • This is my friendly advice to other car drivers: avoid crossing your car without Mexican auto insurance. You will be violating the law in Mexico and there’s high penalty on this. So insure first your car before heading to Mexico.

  • Minta Saravia
    April 3, 2017 5:43 pm

    As your trip begins, your car insurance allows you to know how your needs are met at the right price. Most travel experts strongly recommend buying Mexico insurance online.

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