Short-Term Spring Break Travel Tips and Mexican Auto Insurance Policy

With spring break in full swing for most colleges and universities, you may be avoiding travel in Mexico for the next couple of weeks. However, at the conclusion of the break, activity in the region will slow again for a few weeks. That’s the perfect time to fit in a short vacation. Update your Mexican auto insurance policy coverage before you go. If you don’t already have Mexican insurance policy coverage, you can take care of it online.

Spring Break in Rocky Point

How Much Driving Do You Want to Do?

A short trip with a long drive may not make a lot of sense. However, there is a lot of enjoyment in the drive, especially if you are traveling through coastal areas. Visiting one town or city provides you with time to explore at length and get to know that area well. However, a driving vacation that includes many stops will allow you to enjoy a wonderful cross-section of culture and scenery.

An excellent area to explore is Baja Norte. You can certainly make the 20-minute trip across the border to Rosarito for a few days of beach fun. However, you can also make that just one of many stops as you explore the upper part of the peninsula. The drive from Rosarito to Ensenada, for example, is breathtaking. Devote a day to enjoying small stops between the two, winding up with a sunset view at the Ensenada overlook. You can take stunning photographs at this point before stopping for a famous fish taco. South of Ensenada, you’ll find exquisite mountain views, the Santo Tomás Winery and quaint little towns like San Vicente, Camalú and San Quintín. The agricultural emphasis in the area is intriguing, and the beaches are stunning.

Continue south to El Rosario, and consider traveling even further for a view of wall paintings. Check out the Lobera, a hidden sea lion retreat between San Quintín and El Rosario.

Be Sure That You Have Mexican auto insurance policy

Mexican insurance policy coverage isn’t a matter of choice when you drive in Baja Norte. All motorists in the state are required to carry coverage, and driving without Mexican auto insurance policy at can create legal and financial problems whether you have an accident or not. Mexican insurance policy coverage online can be very helpful as you can access account details on a 24-7 basis.

Mexican auto insurance policy at comes with Roadsidre Assistance at no additional charge.

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  • Debbie Duffie
    May 6, 2014 4:34 pm

    Mexico is a must visit place in spring break holidays especially for students from college and universities, though it gets overcrowded with people yet it’s a blessing for students to enjoy a bit. Don’t forget to buy Mexican insurance it’s a legal requirement.

  • Valentine Somerville
    May 7, 2014 3:50 pm

    Making a short trip during spring break into Mexico is a best decision as you can relax and while driving and watching some wonderful spots along the way. Its best to get your auto insured from Mexico insurance Store for safety measures.

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