Shopping Choices for Supplies in Mexico and Mexican auto insurance policy by

Mexican auto insurance policy by
La Mariscala 2, Morelia

Shopping Choices for Supplies in Mexico – Mexican auto insurance policy by

Many travelers to Mexico enjoy the experience of visiting small shops at various points along the way. Others worry about being able to stock up on basic supplies while they are in the country. As you become familiar with your surroundings, it won’t take long to feel comfortable with your choices. Whether your stay is short or long, you will need to handle your Mexican auto insurance policy by before you go. Without Mexico insurance from, you could find yourself at odds with the law if you have an accident.

Corner tienditas

Tienditas are little shops, and many families in Mexico love the prospect of being able to make a few extra pesos by providing neighborhood access to daily basics with their own little stores. The front of a home may be converted for limited supplies, outfitted with a counter and cash register, and made ready for business. You will probably find a refrigerator filled with sodas and juices. You’ll also find a decent supply of chips and snacks. Candies are also standard in these settings. School children often stop in for snacks after school or during the day in the summer. Prices may be a little high because local shops are supplied by owners stocking up at larger stores in the area.

Small abarotes

Abarotes is the Spanish word for groceries, and small communities will usually feature at least one such shop. The difference between this and the tiendita is sizing and variety. You will usually find a small produce section, a meat area, and a larger selection of household goods like laundry detergent. You may find a few small options in tienditas, but an abarotes will provide varied choices in container sizes as well as more brands. Mexican auto insurance policy by is useful when driving around small neighborhoods, where accidents can easily happen if you’re unfamiliarity with the area.

Large abarotes

A larger store may feature one or two levels. You will encounter larger refrigerator and freezer sections. You may find a butcher handling meat requests, and a large produce section is often available as well. Grocery chains may be available in large towns, but the abarotes shops in smaller communities are usually family-operated businesses.

Remember that a Mexican auto insurance policy by is necessary!

Although you may be tempted to travel without Mexico insurance from, it’s important to realize that this is illegal. You need to be able to produce proof of your Mexican auto insurance policy by if you are involved in an accident, and you won’t want to be without important assistance services included if you have trouble on the road. Just remember to buy Mexico insurance from before leaving!

A Mexican auto insurance policy by gives you peace of mind!

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  • Donita Wicks
    April 11, 2014 7:26 pm

    It is essential for every traveler to purchase Mexican insurance, which provides any driver to drive within Mexico without any hesitation of getting into trouble or car theft for instance.

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