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As your team prepares to spend a week helping others across the border, it’s important to think about your travel goals. Whether you are going with a group of adults or teens, you can work to set a good example by learning about cultural issues in advance. Remember to buy Mexico insurance for tourists ahead of time. Carry extra copies of your Mexican auto insurance for tourists in your luggage to be sure you can access information quickly if you have any troubles.

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Serving food to others

Popular service activity is feeding children or groups, but it’s important to realize that your favorite flavors may not spark the interest of those you meet. For example, a holiday ham with a brown sugar glaze works in the U.S., but this may be revolting to some Mexicans. Barbecue sauce is another iffy venture. Pork and beans or baked beans may also be rejected. While meat and beans are staples, you may not realize that those you serve are joking about your sweetmeats and sweet beans. Think locally, opting for seasoned carne asada or grilled burgers and salchichas – hot dogs. If you are working with a local representative to coordinate your activities, run your menu by that person.

Try not to drive off-road, since your Mexico insurance for tourists won’t cover off-road driving. Your insurance policy covers fender benders, so be careful when driving on small streets.

Handing out goods

If you aren’t careful, a clothing distribution or any other type of giveaway can start a riot. It’s better to handle such issues discreetly, allowing your contact to share with those who are truly in need. Additionally, you may interfere with the work of others if you just show up at a gathering of people and start handing out stuff. Leave the stained and hole-filled clothes at home. There are plenty of second-hand shops around peddling such goods. If you want to share used clothing, make sure that it is presentable enough. If the clothes are still good enough, the recipients would be willing to wear them out and about.

Again, don’t forget to buy car insurance. Not having insurance coverage can cost you big time down the road.

Reliable Mexico insurance for tourists
Mexico insurance for tourists

Pick up Mexican auto insurance for Tourists!

Activities can increase your risk of a pedestrian accident, especially if it draws significant interest. Don’t risk legal and financial problems by forgetting to purchase Mexican auto insurance for tourists. Additionally, don’t violate the terms of your Mexico insurance for tourists. An example of a violation would be allowing underage or unlicensed drivers to operate covered vehicles.

Mexico insurance for tourists at gives you peace of mind!

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  • Tran Steffensmeier
    November 4, 2014 3:52 pm

    There are lots of activities you can volunteer to carry out while in Mexico. However, if the voluntary activity is risky, be cautious enough to take Mexican auto insurance for the same.

  • I’ve learned Mexican insurance regulations in Mexico. Whether I’m driving my own car or I rent one, my insurance is reliable. In fact, I can contact anytime my insurer when I have some concerns while driving in Mexico.

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