Re-Thinking Your Comprehensive Mexico Auto Insurance

Whether you are a seasoned traveler into Mexico or have only made a couple of trips, it is always good to re-evaluate your comprehensive Mexico auto insurance. You may find that as your travel goals change, your prior choices in Mexico insurance policies may not suit your current plans. Review your options online so that you can verify any need for adjustments.

More Frequent Travel?

Many tourists buy their Mexico insurance policies on a trip-by-trip basis. In fact, many make these purchases at the border just before they drive across. However, using online resources allows you to research insurance provider ratings. This is to ensure that you have reliable and comprehensive Mexico auto insurance. It is always important to know that your provider is reliable in servicing claims. Dealing with a policy that falls through as you deal with an accident, theft, or emergency could leave you in a terrible legal situation on the wrong side of the border.

If you will travel more often to Mexico, it is also time to think about transitioning to long-term Mexico auto insurance. You can get a six-month or one-year policy at a significantly greater value than if you buy coverage for each separate trip, but only if your cumulative time in Mexico will be at least three weeks.

Comprehensive Mexico auto insurance

Different Vehicles?

Insurance companies issue Mexico insurance policies for individual vehicles. This means you will need to make changes if you will travel in a different vehicle. Some travelers use RVs while towing an extra vehicle. In this case, each vehicle that will be operated in Mexico requires its own Mexico auto insurance.

Mexico insurance policies and Leaving Your Vehicle in Mexico?

If you have invested in a vacation home in Mexico or have friends who live there, you might garage a vehicle there. While your vehicle is in Mexico, it is susceptible to issues such as theft or vandalism. It is wise to ensure that your Mexico insurance policy remains effective. This is so that you can file a claim in such cases. Be sure that your coverage is expanded to include partial theft and vandalism incidents.

Comprehensive Mexico auto insurance from includes Roadside Assistance, and bail bond throughout Mexico at no additional charge to you


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  • Make a smart purchase of your Mexican auto insurance by taking coverage you only need. Mexican Insurance Store can explain it further. After all, it’s not good paying more for something not helpful for you.

  • Windy Barrentine
    September 21, 2015 6:19 pm

    Reviewing your policy once in a while makes sense for some updates. As your field activities increase, so does your coverage. So get some updates to make the most of you Mexican auto insurance.

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