Prepping for Smooth Mexico Border Crossing with Mexican auto insurance on

Mexican auto insurance on
Required Mexico Documents

Mexican auto insurance on and Prepping for Smooth Mexico Border Crossing 

With the border crossing problems that landed a U.S. Marine in a Mexican prison, you may wonder if getting into Mexico and back out is really confusing. It is important to note that the activity at the border can be particularly hectic. However, thinking through your travels in advance will allow you to visit confidently and without stressful mishaps. Save yourself from distractions near the border by selecting your Mexican auto insurance on This will allow you to bypass car insurance for Mexico booths prior in border communities so that you can focus on entering the country successfully. Mexican auto insurance on or its equivanant is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Must-Have Documents

You must have your passport or a passport card before you enter Mexico. It isn’t typical that you will have to show these documents to Mexican authorities, especially if you will only be in the country a short time or be visiting just the border zone. However, you must have this to exit the country. An oversight could result in a huge inconvenience, especially if you don’t have a passport to begin with. If you forget an existing passport, you might be able to get a family friend to bring it to you, but if you don’t have one at all, you may be stranded in Mexico for quite some time.

Mexican auto insurance on is another important must-have as you enter the country. As in the case of your passport, you probably won’t need to show this to anyone unless you have an accident or a run-in with authorities. If you lack proper car insurance for Mexico and are involved in an incident, the implications could be serious, especially if there is a significant level of damage or injury.

Getting Your Bearings at the Border

There are signs over the freeway as you approach the Tijuana border, signaling the point of no return. This is the point at which you are committed, and it’s important to detour before you reach this sign if you aren’t quite ready. Once you are at the border, crossing is fairly easy and well-managed by Mexican officials. A light system is used to signal permission to enter or a request to check in with officials. If you have a red light at this point, you will be summoned to a stopping point to check in and make any declarations of goods if necessary. After this, moving into traffic is important as you continue into the city.

Don’t skip important needs like your passport or your Mexican auto insurance on as these can turn your travels into a hassle if they are inadvertently forgotten.  They don’t usually ask for a copy of you Mexican auto insurance on as you cross the border.

Mexican auto insurance on comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.

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