Preparing for Mexican Travel from Texas with Mexico auto insurance by

Mexico auto insurance by
Laredo Texas Border Crossing

Mexico auto insurance by – Preparing for Mexican Travel from Texas

Whether you are planning a weeklong trip into Mexico or just a day trip from El Paso, you will need Mexico auto insurance by for Texas vehicles before crossing the border with your vehicle. It’s important to plan a bit for either type of trip, and while Mexican insurance for Texas residents is just one portion of that planning, it can be handled quickly and easily online. After securing your Mexican auto insurance for Texas travelers, you will need to deal with the following points as well.

  • Travel documents – you must have a passport or passport card for re-entry into the United States. While you may not need to show these documents to Mexican officials, you will need to produce them for border officials upon your return. Mexico auto insurance by is now required to legally drive on any highway in Mexico.
  • Tourist visa – you don’t need this if you plan to visit only the border zone and if your time in that zone will be 72 hours or less. However, travel beyond the area or an extended stay will require that you have the six-month FMT. Officials at military checkpoints may ask you to show your FMT at various points as you travel through the country.
  • Vehicle permit – travel in mainland Mexico by car also requires that you have a permit for your foreign-plated auto. The permit is obtained just after the border crossing, and a deposit will be required, refundable upon your departure.

Day trips are less complicated in terms of paperwork and planning, and many choose to walk across the border for a tourist-oriented experience. While this may be easier, if you plan a significant amount of shopping during your time south of the border, your car can be a big help in transporting goods back across the border. This is especially true if you are looking for furniture or other large Mexican decor items.

Don’t Cross the Border Without Mexico auto insurance by

Mexican insurance for Texas residents is required by Mexican law. While some dismiss the importance of Mexican auto insurance for Texas travelers, an accident is a terrible way to have your perspective corrected. Chihuahua fatality benefits in an accident are quite high, making it important to carry Mexican auto insurance for Texas travelers with higher liability limits. Additionally, failure to secure the right Mexico auto insurance by can lead to extended difficulties with authorities even if you aren’t responsible for an accident.

Mexico auto insurance by comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • Lecia Delucia
    April 15, 2014 4:44 pm

    Getting your car insured from Mexican car insurance store is the most viable option in making your visit a tension free trip especially for Texas residents.

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