Prepared for Mexican jail? Better to Just Pick Up Mexican Insurance Online

Organizing a Mexican vacation can be challenging as you attempt to think through various situations and scenarios. You might wonder about clothing, weather, supplies, and emergency plans. However, you may not be thinking about preparing for Mexican jail. Unfortunately, if you don’t have Mexican insurance online and get into a wreck, jail is where you could end up. You might be surprised to discover that Mexico’s legal system assumes that you are guilty even if you have obviously not caused an accident. Without Mexico auto insurance, you could have some stress ahead as you look for a good English-speaking lawyer.

Policeman in uniform writes a fine to female driver. Law protection, car traffic inspector, safety control job.

Why would I end up in jail for a minor offense?

As a foreigner, they expected you to be financially responsible for your actions in the country. In fact, those applying for visas to live in the nation permanently must show that they will be able to sustain themselves financially. As a driver, they expect you to cover the costs of damages to another motorist. They also expect you to shoulder the costs of hospitalization of an injured Mexican citizen resulting from your driving. If you cause a death, the obligation can be quite high. Mexico auto insurance serves as proof of your ability to handle these obligations.

Pro Tip: Authorities now require Mexican insurance to drive on the toll roads.

Mexican based Mexico’s legal system is on Napoleonic law, which presumes guilt. Because this is contrary to what you are familiar with at home, it can be frustrating to be questioned in connection with an accident. With Mexico auto insurance, you can obtain prompt help from a bilingual legal professional so that you clearly understand the proceedings. You can also minimize your time in a detention facility with the bail bond protection included in your policy. Although they may still require your presence in the area, your legal representative can make the situation easier while negotiating any necessary settlements. Without coverage, your neglect of Mexican law compounds your accident. There’s no need to presume guilt if you have willingly failed to get the required Mexican insurance online coverage. Just remember to keep a copy of your policy in the car with you.

Mexican insurance online from gives you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your trip free of worry!


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  • Priscilla Gress
    July 29, 2015 5:50 pm

    At Mexican Insurance store, you’ll be provided with the quickest way of buying Mexico insurance. You will find the right coverage you can depend on.

  • Rhett Mcguinness
    August 3, 2015 5:34 pm

    Ignoring to purchase your Mexican insurance isn’t good. You’ll be put to jail once you get involved in a road accident.

  • All non-citizens of Mexico are required to show evidence of liability for all injuries that are as a result of accidents. It is for this reason that a non-citizen driving in Mexico should have Mexico auto insurance.

  • Lavonda Wofford
    April 27, 2016 5:55 pm

    If you don’t want to end up having a terrible time in jail, it’s better to drive with Mexican insurance. This is your protection on the road and you really need it.

  • If you own a car and you have Mexican auto insurance, it’s pretty easy to travel to Mexico and witness your favorite event celebrations

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