Planning Your New Year with Mexican Insurance for Canadians

Mexican insurance for Canadians

Mexican Insurance for Canadians and Planning Your New Year

January planning can help you to organize for vacations and other activities in the coming year. If you will be visiting Mexico, your Mexican insurance for Canadians is an important part of the planning process. Mexican auto insurance for Canadians is necessary if you will be driving your own Canadian-plated vehicle into Mexico. You can arrange for your Mexican car insurance for Canadians online as you research destinations and times for your travels.

Several Short Trips

If you expect to visit Mexico on several occasions, your options in Mexican insurance for Canadians will vary based on what you will drive and how long you will stay. A long-term Mexican car insurance for Canadians is appropriate if a specific vehicle will be in Mexico for at least three weeks. If you will use different vehicles on various occasions, short-term Mexican insurance for Canadians is probably a better choice because coverage is specific to the vehicle for which a policy is written.

Longer Trips

If you plan to spend an extended period of time with a single vehicle in Mexico, a long-term Mexican insurance for Canadians is necessary. If you will take an RV and tow an additional vehicle for getting around, you need to cover both with their own Mexican insurance for Canadians. Additionally, a towed vehicle must be listed as a towed item on the policy for the towing vehicle. Although some of these policy requirements may seem redundant, a lack of proper policies could leave you in a precarious situation after an accident. For example, a towing accident in which your primary vehicle’s Mexican auto insurance for Canadians lacks towing details could nullify the entire policy. This would leave you in the position of being required to pay any damages owed, which could be monumental in case of a fatal wreck.

Renting a Vehicle in Mexico

Although Mexican law requires that all motorists are properly protected with motor vehicle coverage, Mexican insurance for Canadians designed for foreign-plated vehicles is not appropriate for Mexican-plated rentals. You need to discuss protection options with your rental company to identify appropriate coverage options in this case.

Planning Your New Year with Top Mexican Insurance for Canadians

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  • It’s really true, having an extended period of time with your own car in Mexico requires a long-term policy. So prior to your trip, knowing the length of time you’ll be in Mexico really matters.Same as Mexico insurance.

  • Birgit Almeida
    November 5, 2018 5:34 pm

    What’s permissible to take into Mexico? When you’re driving your car, obviously the first thing you should take is Mexican auto insurance.

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