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If you are considering a foreign wedding, Mexico offers numerous beautiful locations and options near and far. You may wonder about the practicality of planning such an event from a long distance, and this may affect issues such as the size of your wedding party and the distance to which you want to travel. The symbolic side of the Mexican wedding can be quite interesting although modern weddings may be similar to those in the U.S. or Canada. Any driving in Mexico should be covered with Mexican insurance Click Here so that you are in compliance with area laws. For frequent trips, you may want to consider long-term Mexican auto insurance from as you begin your planning process.

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Who plans a Mexican wedding?

Mexican culture takes a shared approach to both weddings and to coming of age parties known as quinceañera parties. The responsibilities are divvied up and doled out to friends and relatives, allowing the costs and work to be shared. Known as padrinos and padrinas, these godparents are assigned to tasks such as making invitations, putting together recuerdos (party favors), making or buying the wedding dress, making or buying the dresses for attendants, putting together the post-ceremony reception, buying the rings, handling the photography, coordinating the wedding cake, and more. The list can go on for a more elaborate ceremony.

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Symbolism in a ceremony

While some couples use ceremonial lazos and coins, others may forego these rituals. It is important to note that the symbols may depend on the setting with those weddings taking place in more elaborate churches potentially being more inclusive of demonstrative portions of the ceremony.

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Whether a citizen or a foreigner wants to wed in Mexico, the only recognized ceremony is the civil ceremony. This is preceded by blood testing and an application process, and the civil marriage is rather cut and dried. A foreigner getting married in Mexico may need to plan for extra trips to handle these details before the ceremony, an important reason for annual coverage!  It may also be important to buy car insurance for Mexico so that you can explore various venues or meet with a wedding planner. You will also want to provide your guests with links and information so they pick up Mexico insurance too.

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