Now that you have Mexico insurance from, what goes in the car?

It’s easy to pack too much for any road trip, and if you’re heading to Mexico for the first time, you might be wondering about what to bring. Obviously, you need Mexico insurance from so you can drive around Mexico legally. What you need to take with you depends on factors like the duration of your trip and what you plan on doing. Just remember to buy a Mexican auto insurance policy at before you leave so you’re protected.

Food options

There are plenty of food choices available as you travel. It is Mexico after all, and you’re there to eat! From bottled water to sodas and snacks, lots of familiar options as well as unique brands and flavors are available. Big cities will have more choices and larger stores, but most communities have at least one active abarrotes, or grocery store. Additionally, neighborhood stores, tienditas, are common, providing quick access to small sizes of snacks, staples and fresh tortillas.

Mexico insurance from is required!

Keep extra food in your vehicle in case of a roadside emergency. Road stops can occur because of accidents ahead, military checkpoints or weather related issues. With some food in your car and a decent charge on your phone, the time should pass quickly. If you get into an accident, use your Mexican auto insurance policy from right away to get help. One of the more useful features of Mexico insurance from is that you can get help quickly, even in remote areas.

Outdoor gear

In the more tourist-themed areas, there are plenty of places to rent surf boards, fishing gear, ATVs, etc. If you are heading to a remote beach or mountain area though, you should bring your own gear, since you’re basically on your own. If you need to tow any equipment, remember that it has to be listed on your Mexico insurance from

Just because you have a Mexican auto insurance policy from doesn’t mean you can drive off-road either, since you won’t be covered. Also note that the gasoline options in Mexico are limited, so if you have equipment with a specific type of diesel, you should plan ahead.

Mexico insurance from gives you peace of mind!

Mexico insurance from
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  • Mariel Steve
    June 3, 2014 5:19 pm

    While making plans to Mexico for summer vacations, be sure to pack all necessary things such as legal papers, food, water and especially Mexico insurance to drive legally anywhere you desire and also to keep law officers away from bothering you every now and then.

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