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One of the more limited options for covering your vehicles with Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store invloves ATVs, golf carts and quads. These are certainly operated in settings that could create liability issues, but not all Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance provides protection when you are operating these units in Mexico. It’s important to know which policies will allow for these devices to be insured so that you can plan appropriately before your trip.

Towing your ATVS, quads and golf carts

In order to get your units to Mexico, you will probably need to tow them. One type of coverage is essential when you get your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Towed units must be included on the policy for your primary hauling vehicle, and each towed unit must be listed. The value of your towed units must also be provided. If you get into an accident while towing a vehicle that isn’t declared on your Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance, your coverage can be denied, leaving you responsible for the liabilities incurred in the collision. Towed units can be added to most Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store policies.

Towing vs. operation

The operation of a vehicle requires that you have valid coverage for that vehicle. Coverage for towing isn’t the same as coverage for operation. It’s easy enough, however, to buy Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance for another car. ATVs, quads and golf carts are slightly different. Only a select few providers include options for covering the operation of these specialty vehicles in Mexico. Additionally, those policies may have limitations on where coverage is valid and where it is not. For example, off-road activity isn’t covered even if you have a policy for your ATVs. Golf carts are covered for use on golf courses. It’s also important to note that coverage is contingent on your specialty vehicle being street legal, having valid plates for the U.S. or Canada.

Remember to buy Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store before leaving!

While much of the point of having ATVs and other specialty vehicles in Mexico is to go exploring and to enjoy remote areas, your concern for protection against theft, accidents and other potential loss may also affect your choice of coverage. You can speak to an agent personally to learn more about the options if you are concerned about options for your ATVs

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is required when driving across the border!

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store
ATV tour, Cabo San Lucas


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  • Insuring ATVs is one of the most difficult things to do while in Mexico. However, Mexico insurance has a cover for this.

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