Mexico Insurance for Travelers Going to Tijuana

Tijuana can be a great place to test the waters for traveling further into Mexico. However, it is important to note that tourist districts in big cities can be very different from smaller communities and cities farther away from the border. With Mexico insurance for travelers, you can get away from the tourist zone and enjoy some more typical Mexican shopping environments and sites. Get your top-rated Mexican auto insurance from home so you can print your documents and go.

Mexico insurance for travelers

Activity in tourist areas

You will usually notice a more flamboyant atmosphere in a dedicated tourist district in Mexico. Much of the energy of those working food carts and shops are focused on making a sale. As you move into the outskirts, you’ll find community flea markets, often referred to as sobreruedas in Tijuana. The activity is still commerce-driven, but the people frequenting such areas tend to be more local. You’ll find new goods, but you’ll find a healthy selection of second-hand sales as well. Look for common cooking ingredients like dried peppers and various colors of maiz. Cooking utensils and hand tools are often among the offerings at such markets. And shoes and clothing are frequently available in both new and used conditions.

Mexico Insurance for Travelers is Necessary!

The open-air nature of such markets makes it a good place to enjoy the sea air of Tijuana. And you can work on your Spanish with amiable shoppers. It’s important to be careful in driving near such an area as pedestrian activity is intensive, especially at a larger market. Your top-rated Mexican auto insurance is important anywhere you may drive, but here, you will want to be especially alert for children and animals.

Beyond Tijuana

The transition from Tijuana to Rosarito is very subtle, and you’ll find that as you head south, you are encountering more local shops with everything from furniture to computer equipment. Tijuana beach areas are more crowded, but as you reach Rosarito, things begin to spread out. Your first visit to Mexico may not take you any farther. But even this close to the border, check out a top-rated Mexican auto insurance policy with, keep in mind that your coverage addresses roadside emergencies as well.

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Tijuana street view

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  • Argentina Corman
    June 20, 2014 4:40 pm

    Tijuana is considered to be a well known tourist place for its unique open air market, purchase variety of things such as food, spices etc at a very cheap price. Such are the attractions for traders to frequent most often; keep Mexican auto insurance in mind before your travel.

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