Mexico Insurance for Travelers and Where to Eat the Best Tacos

This article is a humorous look at the infiltration of traditional Mexican tacos into American cuisine. You need to read all the way through to get the gist that taqueros have understood all along – the freshest taco is the tastiest. Of course, you need Mexico insurance for travelers if you plan to try Mexican tacos in an authentic setting. You can select your coverage online, purchase and print in minutes. Your travel south of the border also requires that you carry your passport, so be sure that you have these documents in order before you go. You’ll want to remember that authorities require a tourist visa if you pass out of the border zone. If you want the best tacos, leaving the tourist area behind may be your ticket to culinary bliss. Remember Mexican insurance policy is now required in order to drive on any highways in Mexico.

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Although a restaurant may capture the flavor, the experience is one best enjoyed in true roadside style. Travel south of the border and watch for the activity levels. The more active, the more promising the taco stand is for a flavorful experience. Additionally, you can watch the entire cooking and preparation process. There is no tortilla quite as delicious as the one freshly made from masa right there on the comal in front of you.

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Tacos de Barbacoa

New York Times article:

Talking about the best taco you’ve ever had in a restaurant is like talking about the best kiss you’ve ever had in a hospital. No matter how good it was, it would have been better somewhere else.

Read the remainder of the article here.

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  • It is surely always safer for any tourist visiting a country to avoid eating and drinking from open air vendors. You should take your meals and water or other drinks from the hotel you are staying. It is also advisable to get Mexico auto insurance before going to Mexico.

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