Mexico insurance for Baja Visits – Lazy Retreats Just Across the Border

Mexico insurance for Baja
Springtime in Baja – Brad Faegre

Mexico insurance for Baja Visits – Lazy Retreats Just Across the Border

If you have your Mexico insurance for Baja ready, you can zip across the border for any number of lazy getaways. Whether you need a day away from the grind of the business world or a week of reconnecting with your family, all you need is a reliable vehicle, your passports, and top-rated Mexico insurance for driving. Check it out online so that you can save yourself the delay at the border. Mexico insurance for Baja is now required in order to drive legally on any Federal or State highway in Mexico.

Las Cañadas in Ensenada

At the southern end of Ensenada, close to the military checkpoint, Las Cañadas is located as a family-oriented camping area that offers plenty of adventure. You can simply tent, barbecue, and relax. You can rent peddle boats for the small lake. There are family-friendly pool areas that are stunning and soothing during warm weather. You’ll also find a bit of adventure with various ziplines and bridge courses. There are also ATVs for rent.You can stock up just down the road at Ensenada’s Smart and Final. It’s less than two hours of driving time from the border, and the beauty and relaxation of the outdoor setting will leave you with an appreciation for this laid-back side of the tourist city of Ensenada.

Molino Viejo

Although the Old Mill, also known by its Spanish name of Molino Viejo, isn’t filled with quite as much variety in activity options as Las Cañadas, it is a great spot for a little relaxation. You can schedule a fishing adventure with one of the charter operators at the Old Mill. You can also rent a motel room for a wonderful next-to-the-bay experience beside the Bay of San Quintín. The waters are much calmer than on oceanfront beaches, and there are rental spots for RV travelers who want to camp in order to keep things simple.

If you are traveling in an RV, your Mexico insurance for Baja is still required for the duration of the vehicle’s time in the country. If you tow an extra vehicle, it will also need to have its own Mexico insurance for driving activity. If you are bringing your own ATVs, you will need to cover the towing on your primary Mexico insurance for Baja as well.

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