Señor Mex says: This article captures the essence of Mexican culture. Leave your project-oriented personality behind and enjoy the relaxed pace of a hospitable community as you enjoy the spectacular beauty of Mexican retreats like Villa Mandarinas near Puerto Vallarta.

Travel by car, and you can enjoy many more coastal communities en route to Villa Mandarinas. Make sure that you select a Mexico Insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance Store that will cover the full time of your visit. If you are traveling with open departure plans, a long-term policy can provide great value and peace of mind while keeping your risk of a lapsed policy at bay. Of course, if you do find that you outstay your, you can use the Internet to log onto your Mexico Insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance Store account and make an additional purchase.

You have little choice but to relax and watch while absorbing the magnificence of the scenery. Of course, the resort atmosphere will provide the motivation to let your cares go as you are pampered by a personal chef and waiter at the resort. You’ll also find great activities in the coastal region. From shopping to dining, you’ll grow to love the pace and the friendly demeanor of the locals.

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Villa Mandarinas near Puerto Vallarta

Travel Channel Article:

“Sometimes you’ve just got to give in to the essence of mañana no matter how type A you are. And when the relaxed vibe of the tropical haven of Villa Mandarinas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, kicks in, you’ll forget your BlackBerry and struggle only with which breathtaking view of Banderas Bay to indulge in.”


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