Mexico Insurance Coverage and Driving to Loreto

Loreto is a charming spot to visit in Baja del Sur, one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula. A flight will take about five hours. However, driving to Loreto can provide you with a richer Baja experience as you enjoy the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez. There are a couple of routes to consider, but be sure that you have Mexico insurance coverage as you go. Besides, accident protection, you will have access to roadside help with your Mexican auto insurance policy.

Mexico insurance coverage

Travel through San Felipe

You can cross the border into Tijuana or Mexicali to take the Sea of Cortez Route to Loreto. From Tijuana, you’ll take Mexican Highway 2 across the state of Baja Norte to Mexicali, turning onto Mexican Highway 5 to proceed to San Felipe. The popular destination boasts numerous expatriates who have made the city their home in Mexico. You’ll continue beyond San Felipe and eventually merge onto Mexican Highway 1 approximately halfway down the Baja Peninsula. Continue on to Loreto. The drive will take almost 15 hours, making it wise to split your driving time over a couple of days. Just remember to buy Mexico insurance before leaving.

You can trim nearly two hours from the trip to Loreto by traveling on Highway 1 the entire trip. You will also get to enjoy towns like Ensenada, San Quintín, and El Rosario as you drive. Think about splitting your driving up so that you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

Authorities Require Mexico Insurance Coverage Across the Border!

Your Mexican auto insurance policy ensures that you have access to help in an emergency and that you can understand those who help with such issues. The bilingual support staff is available to take your call so that you can communicate clearly your roadside emergency and location. Mexico insurance coverage adds this coverage at no cost to you, recognizing the potential for problems when you drive and the challenge of getting help in a country where English isn’t always spoken by those available to help.

As you head to Loreto, you can look forward to colonial architecture, outstanding recreational opportunities, and exceptional cuisine. Plan ahead for spring whale-watching excursions or summer fishing charters.

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A scenic road, Loreto

Mexican insurance with Mexican Insurance Store and Getting Away to Loreto


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  • Margie Flippin
    October 30, 2014 4:53 pm

    I remember the first time I was posted to Loreto as a Catholic nun. It was such an exciting rural town setup. Thanks to Mexican Insurance that my ATV excursions were made easy by the online Mexico insurance.

  • Mexican Insurance Store offers superior value, more coverage and beneficial choice. I chose a policy for a Mexican tourist like me who is willing to travel and drive in Mexico.

  • Ngan Spikes
    July 13, 2015 5:42 pm

    It’s worth considering Mexican Insurance Store for the best policy. Aside from the reasonable price, you’re getting exclusive insurance not offered by other car insurance companies.

  • Nickie Stroop
    July 14, 2015 6:08 pm

    Be cautious where you buy your Mexican auto insurance. Tons of online insurance companies, including those at the border, offer un-rated policies. They scam people especially those looking for quick-buying deals.

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