Mexico Insurance Coverage and a Working Vacation

If your work isn’t restricted to a nine-to-five schedule and a specific location, then you may find that a working vacation is a great way to get refreshed. Think about a relaxed beach or resort in Mexico for a short break from the normal routine. Don’t worry about technology as you’ll find wireless hot spots and Internet access readily available. You will need to consider your need for Mexico insurance coverage. Your time in the country and your plans to return in the near future will affect the term of the policy as you buy Mexican car insurance policy

Scenic road, Tijuana-Ensenada, México

Border Cities and Easy Access

A border city may be a good choice, especially if you want to return many times more to enjoy a break. Rosarito is an excellent example, only 20 minutes south of the Tijuana crossing and perfect for beach time and relaxation. You can complete your work from a rental bungalow or home. Alternatively, you can also select one of many hotels in the area for a short stay. You might even think about looking for a vacation home of your own so that you can come and go as you please. The natural beauty of the ocean and the vibrant quality of the culture make it a great place to get a fresh perspective.

Mexico Insurance Coverage is a Priority

A border city won’t take you very far into the country. However, you do need to remember that Mexico insurance coverage is still a priority. While some U.S. policies may cover your damages if an accident happens in another country, they are usually restricted to border zone areas. Rosarito may be very close to the border, but it is well beyond the one to two miles of border zone area. Your Mexican car insurance policy must satisfy the Mexican authorities. And your policy should have been provided by a recognized Mexican company.

Longer Distances

Getting farther away from the border, you can explore more remote areas while enjoying even more peaceful surroundings. You may want to find a small community in which you can relish some peace and quiet. At the same time, your Mexico insurance coverage frees you to venture out and enjoy fantastic scenery, food and activities.

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  • Casie Levin
    June 13, 2014 5:17 pm

    With accessibility to internet you can carry your work along with you on your trip to Mexico, working at peaceful resorts and beaches boost your working capability, don’t forget to buy Mexican auto insurance.

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