Mexico Car insurance – Is Cinco de Mayo More Fun Inside Mexico?

You may enjoy local celebrations of cultural events like Cinco de Mayo. And many presume that such activities are even more exciting in their places of origin. Indeed, it is a common misconception that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. That date actually occurs on September 16 and is heavily celebrated throughout the nation. Cinco de Mayo marks the date of a battle in Puebla. However, a good fiesta in Mexico or with those who are from Mexico can be fun regardless of the date. You may still want to spend time south of the border to mark Cinco de Mayo, but don’t go without Mexico car insurance for fiestas. Your legal travel in a motor vehicle requires appropriate Mexico auto insurance coverage.

Fiestas in Mexico

Huge celebrations often marked days of national consequence. This includes big parades, local fairs, and lots of outstanding food. As a foreigner, you may want to be among the locals in a small town as they celebrate September 16. November 20, Día de la Revolución, is another major national holiday. You’ll find that these are more heavily observed than Christmas, Easter, or other such days. As you travel at such major times, you will want to be certain that your Mexico insurance for fiestas is up to date. Even if you have existing Mexico auto insurance coverage, you will want to review details such as your expiration date, the destination, and recommended liability limits.

Inadequate Mexico car insurance could be a major problem if you have a wreck during such an event. Pedestrian activity is major, especially before and after parades, and even a slight lapse in attention could be serious. Your Mexico auto insurance coverage must meet both civil and criminal penalties that are possible. This is essential in case of a third-party death due to your actions. And this is true if they have not expanded your existing policy. The expanded policy may cover these levels for a new destination. Otherwise, you could pay the price in both finances and jail time.

Before you head south for Cinco de Mayo, Día de Independencia, or Día de la Revolución, be sure that you carefully review your Mexico car insurance and other activities.

Mexico car insurance for visitors from Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind as well as roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge.


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