Señor Mex says: A tight economy has made vacationing more of a dream than a reality for many families in recent years. However, some cheap Mexican vacation ideas are possible for families in desperate need of a refreshing getaway. It’s easy to find affordable accommodations in the country, and there is no lack of beautiful beaches. This article highlights many exotic but affordable destinations that you can consider as you plan your budget-friendly journey.

One area in which you will never want to cut costs is purchasing your Mexico Auto Insurance from Although many of the nation’s sites and cultural experiences are exciting, a stay in a Mexican jail will be a memory you will want to forget. Lack of sufficient insurance for travel in Mexico can land you in a foreign jail if you are involved in an accident. While not all states mandate coverage for all motorists, you will find that a wreck will be a nightmare if you neglect to purchase sufficient Mexico Auto Insurance from coverage. Don’t let your coverage lapse if you decide to stay longer. The savings on the front end of your Mexico Auto Insurance from purchase aren’t worth the potential costs if you have trouble.

Mexico Auto Insurance from for Cheap Mexican Vacations


Mexico Auto Insurance from
Lobsta Puerto Nuevo Style

How to have the Best Mexican Vacation and Buy Mexican insurance for Cars Cheaply

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Mexico is the northernmost and the third-largest country in Latin America. It is situated in the southwestern part of mainland North America and is more or less triangular in shape.


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