Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store & emergency info

Emergencies can happen at any point in a vacation, and some preparation can help in limiting frustrations if you will be traveling in a foreign country. You don’t need to be fluent in Spanish to manage a trip in Mexico, but you should be familiar with some basic terms so that you can get help in an emergency.  Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is a huge help in the event of trouble. In addition to protection of your vehicle, you can take advantage of Platinum Assist features like travel assistance. Bilingual help provided through your Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance may just save the day.

Don’t forget to buy Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store before leaving!

Your roadside assistance coverage is a complimentary add-on when you buy Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance It’s extremely important to carry your policy documents as you travel so that you will have the correct contact numbers if you need help. You can make phone contact if you have an issue like a blowout or breakdown. The assistance providers will contact you every 30 minutes until help arrives. Of course, you need a working phone handy if you are going to take advantage of this feature. Most wireless carriers have international calling plans, and you can get in touch with your provider to arrange for short or long-term access. If you accidentally leave your documents for your Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store at home, you can look up your information on a smartphone and proceed to contact the assistance provider.

Medical emergencies

Your Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance also includes important medical help. If you are injured and in need of an ambulance, you can make contact through your policy information. You’ll have access to ongoing contact and 24-hour availability from medical assistance personnel until an ambulance arrives.

Vocabulary pointers

A Spanish-English dictionary is a valuable asset as you travel. You can also find smartphone apps to help if you need information quickly. Of course, bilingual assistance with your Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is one of the most valuable travel helps.

Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind!

Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

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