Mexican Insurance and Tijuana Shopping

Señor Mex says: This article perfectly captures the reasons that vehicle travel can enhance your expedition into Tijuana. While there are plenty of touristy spots close to the border, there are some great local places to explore if you can move a little beyond the flair of the crossing area. Try upscale Mexican fare while you shop at the well-known Sanborns. Rub elbows with the locals as you check out the fresh fruits and vegetables at Mercado Hidalgo. Blend in with the crowd while checking out electronics, perfumes, clothing and more at Plaza Agua Caliente. Just make sure that you have your Mexican Insurance Mexican auto insurance policy documents handy as you travel so that you can be sure of comprehensive Mexican Insurance coverage as you explore. One of the fun things about exploring Tijuana commercial zones is that there is a lot of authentic flair, and you always want to be covered adequately as you drive while in the country. As long as you are exploring the commercial district of the city, think about taking time to venture just a little further down the coast to Rosarito, another spot for excellent deals.

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“Tijuana’s number-one attraction is shopping, with reasonable to rock-bottom prices on all kinds of merchandise: terra-cotta and colorfully glazed pottery, woven blankets and serapes, embroidered dresses and sequined sombreros, onyx chess sets, Viagra, beaded necklaces and bracelets, silver jewelry, leather bags and huarache sandals, hammered-tin picture frames, thick drinking glasses, novelty swizzle sticks, Cuban cigars, and Mexican liquors such as Kahlúa and tequila.”

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Mexican insurance

Tijuana Shopping

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  • You can never claim to have explored Mexico’s best tourist spots without having self-driven to Tijuana. Here is where you can spoil yourself with shopping extravaganza. Having Mexican auto insurance, you can safely drive yourself from mall to mall as you explore the best of your shopping experience.

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