Mexican Insurance Mexican Insurance for Autos & Getting to Cabo

Señor Mex says: This article talks about Cabo San Lucas as an ultimate destination for travelers looking for adventure in the great outdoors. This is true, but many make their way to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula by plane, leaving them in the region without personal transportation. Although the flight is the quickest way to reach your destination, you may want to take your own vehicle to nurture your sense of adventure. Many of the best beaches are those not easily reached by the tourist. Your own RV or car will allow you to span out just enough to find solitude and the beauty of those off-the-beaten-path beaches. You can return to town for the nightlife, of course, but you’ll love the freedom that comes with traveling by car.

The trek down the Baja isn’t burdensome, but you should be sure that you purchase a Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance for autos policy that will cover your entire trip. You’ll appreciate the quote tool that allows you to check costs for short and long periods of time. The road is full of scenic treasures, and you may want to take your time reaching Cabo. Just remember, because Mexico practices Napoleonic Law, a valid Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance for autos policy is vital.

Consider Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance for autos for Free car rental and roadside assistance.

Mexican Insurance Mexican Insurance for autos

Getting to Cabo

Wikitravel Article:

Cabo San Lucas is a city at the far end of Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Cabo is a varied destination that captures the essence of Baja Peninsula in its many resorts, championship golf courses, world-class dining, and amazing outdoor activities.


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