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With summer coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to fit in one last trek into Baja for the season. You can think about a long week on beautiful beaches, or you might consider living the high life in Ensenada. Make sure your Mexican insurance San Ysidro (border crossing) policy is still active so that you won’t have to worry about accidents and other issues. If you ever need an extra copy of your policy, you can print your Mexico insurance El Paso online.

El Paso, Texas, USA

Buy Mexican insurance San Ysidro Online then head out!

One of the biggest decisions to make for a short-notice vacation is the activity level you want. If you really just want to relax, consider areas like Santo Tomás or San Quintín. These are places where you can enjoy quiet beaches and a slow pace. If you prefer the excitement of a city, Rosarito and Ensenada are ideal. In either setting, your Mexico insurance El Paso makes sure you are covered in the event of any type of accident. You will also find value in the additional roadside assistance included with your Mexican insurance San Ysidro.


Last-minute travel plans can be affected by lack of space, but the end of summer is a better time for impromptu travel in Baja Norte because much of the summer activity is slowing down. The transition toward fall and school makes this the perfect time to look for a good hotel in rural or urban locations. Additionally, you can consider checking online for vacation homes for rent in the area. Double-check the timing of your insurance coverage so that you don’t experience a lapse during your trip. Your access to Mexican insurance San Ysidro can be beneficial during your travels as well.

Planning Ahead 

This is the perfect opportunity to look for a great place to stay on a longer vacation. Whether you want to enjoy an extended visit to the area for a whale-watching season or whether you are thinking about spending a month next summer, you can get your plans in order well in advance. Your purchase of long-term Mexico insurance El Paso will enable you to get better value. Just make sure that you check for any changes in Mexican law related to your insurance coverage before you travel.

Mexico insurance El Paso allows you to cross the border whenever you feel like it!


Mexican insurance San Ysidro

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