Mexican Insurance Policy Requirements and Necessary Border Stops When Visiting Mexico

Mexican insurance policy

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Mexican Insurance Policy Requirements and Necessary Border Stops When Visiting Mexico

Your Mexican insurance policy doesn’t need to be a hassle because you can actually take care of your purchase before you ever start out on vacation. In fact, you can purchase Mexico insurance for tourists online months ahead of your travel dates, saving you time as you deal with last-minute details. However, there are certain activities that may be required at the border based on your travel itinerary.

Permits for Entering Mexico?

Technically, you should have your passport when you enter Mexico due to the fact that you will need it to leave the country. However, you could also be required to show your passport at the point of entry if a customs official so demands. This isn’t typically a serious issue, but you should be prepared at any point during your time in a foreign country to provide such proof to officials as needed. During your entry into the country, you should pull into the declarations lane if you have any items to declare. You could be summoned into this zone if officials have reason to believe that you are carrying items to be declared, so it is wise to be proactive if you are carrying relevant items.

You will need to obtain a tourist permit for certain types of travel in Mexico. If you will be in the country for less than 72 hours and will not travel outside the tourist corridor, then you can skip both tourist and vehicle permits., however you still need to purchase a valid Mexican insurance policy. If you will exceed these limits, stop at the appropriate office at the border to register and pay. If you are traveling in Baja, you will not need a vehicle permit. In mainland, traveling beyond the tourist corridor does require a vehicle permit and fee, which can be handled at the designated office just past the border. In all cases you need a Mexico insurance for tourists.

Mexican Insurance Policy Requirements

As you obtain Mexico insurance for tourists online, you do need to use your travel details to select benefits, liability limits, and dates. National policy dictates that all motorists have coverage, nationals and foreigners alike. Your Mexican insurance policy must include relevant liability limits for the states you will visit as well.

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