Mexican Insurance Online and Gray Whale Watching

It’s not too soon to plan your whale-watching expedition to Mexico. Whether you opt for an early trip to see the beginning of the southern migration in December or whether you aim for a spring travel time to see the baby calves, you will want to be sure that your Mexican insurance online is in place for the trip. With long-term Mexico auto insurance for tourists, you could make a few trips during the season. You need Mexican insurance online in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

People touching a gray whale

Gray whale migration

Each December, the gray whales begin the trip south to Baja. The warm waters near Baja del Sur are perfect as the whales give birth, and the months of January through April are excellent opportunities to view the antics of the newborn whales. Many charter experiences are available throughout the area, allowing tourists to get close to the creatures. Additionally, viewing from shore is possible.

While the whale migration is exciting, your own migration down the Baja Peninsula can be equally exciting. You won’t want to miss the great food along the way, and the warmth of the culture is spectacular. A camping vacation may be a great choice so that you can whale watch from areas that don’t see huge concentrations of visitors. Take time to talk to locals who can give you insight about sighting options and times.

Mexican insurance online is required!

If you travel by car, you will need to find accommodations as you go. Many small towns offer hotels, but they are rarely found online for reservations, and they rarely deal with credit cards. You will find ATMs in the banks of larger communities, a helpful way to access cash if you don’t have enough for such instances. Your staying in larger cities like Cabo San Lucas or La Paz may provide you with more secure accommodation options and easier payment methods. It’s important to be flexible at any point on a trip through Mexico.

RV travel is a nice alternative to a hotel stay. You can travel with your room already intact. Your Mexico auto insurance for tourists is great for RVs. If you plan to tow any trailers, ATVs or auxiliary vehicles during your trip, you need to include them when buying Mexican insurance online.  An auxiliary car also needs its own insurance coverage.

If you forget to buy Mexico auto insurance for tourists before leaving, you can buy coverage on any mobile device including your smartphone!

Mexican insurance online
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  • If you like marine life and experience seeing whale watching then Mexico is the best destination for you. As you head along don’t forget Mexican auto insurance.

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