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Safe driving is important in any country. Crossing into Mexico can create unexpected challenges as you deal with surprising distractions and issues. Your Mexican insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore is a priority so that if you unexpectedly experience a collision or roadside emergency, you will be covered. Your Mexican auto insurance at provides you with helpful benefits for problems like lockouts and blowouts. Mexican insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore also ensures that you are able to meet your legal and financial obligations if you are at fault in an accident.

Mexican road signs

One of the most notable distractions upon crossing the border can be the presence of road signs in Spanish. While you may be able to easily read the names of towns, directions could cause confusion. Cuota and libre, for example, refer to toll and free roads. Knowing in advance that the cuota roads are better maintained can be helpful in choosing. You will find that international signs like the red octagon for stopping are helpful. However, you will have to adjust to metric labels for distances and speeds. This is also true of gasoline measurements. You will purchase gas in liters rather than in gallons. A little brushing up may help so that you don’t end up speeding.

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Fortunately, you can get a copy of your Mexican auto insurance at in English. Your Mexican insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore also provides you with contact numbers in the country so that you can get bilingual assistance in an emergency. Whether you are using the roadside assistance number or trying to get medical help after an accident, you can count on competent English speakers to make sure that you are alright.

Unusual driving obstacles

One of the more common road obstacles is the speed bump. You may be used to speed bumps in shopping centers, but encountering them on busy streets in bustling cities like Tijuana can be disconcerting. Known as topes in Mexico, the bumps can pose a problem if you are going too fast. Watch for signs warning of topes so that you don’t have problems. Be ready for roundabouts as well. If you aren’t used to them, you will need to exercise caution on streets like Tijuana’s Avenida Revolución. Fortunately, your Mexican auto insurance at makes it easier to plan for problems. Your Mexican insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore also includes a set of directions for dealing with an accident, so that you aren’t left on your own if there’s a problem.

Mexican insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore is required when driving around Mexico!

Mexican insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore
Mexico highway road signs

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