Mexican Insurance from – Baja Bound: Make Your Valentine’s Day in Mexico

Mexican insurance from
Scenic Drive to Ensenada

Mexican insurance from – Baja Bound: Make your Valentine’s Day weekend pop in Mexico 

The timing of President’s Day and Valentine’s Day in 2015 makes this year’s long weekend the perfect opportunity for a romantic getaway to Mexico. Of course, you could book a flight for a short trip to an exotic destination, but with gas prices so affordable, why not be Baja bound for the holiday? Since gas prices are low, there’s no reason not to buy top-rated Mexican insurance from Although being left alone on a quiet road might seem romantic in familiar surroundings, it’s good to have access to emergency support with your car insurance for Mexico.

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Guadalupe Valley Travel Tips

Valle de Guadalupe is just a little more than an hour beyond the San Ysidro border point at which you will cross into Tijuana, making this an excellent destination for a long weekend in a beautiful setting. Those living in the Inland Empire of California may want to get an early start by leaving on Thursday or in the early afternoon Friday to avoid more heavy levels of traffic during the evening commute and tourist activity of a Friday night.

Remember to pick up car insurance for Mexico before you leave on your trip! If you don’t have Mexican insurance from, you can’t use the toll roads!

The winery region offers local flavors in both wines and in food as Baja Med is a culinary emphasis that has its beginnings in this very area. From Ensenada, you will only need to head inland about 15 miles to reach the area, where you will find charming ranches and accommodations, easy access to dining, and plenty of solitude as you and your beloved spend this time together. Take time to go to Ensenada’s ocean overlook at the northern entrance to town so that you can appreciate the magnificence of sunset colors.

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Baja Norte’s liability limits should be considered when purchasing car insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance You will want to consider some leeway between the recommended limit and your actual choice because this amount determines your legal and bail bond support if you have an accident. In a minor accident, this might not be a major issue, but if you are involved in a fatality, the implications of inadequate Mexican insurance from could be serious.

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